Help! I can't add photos or pets pages?

I was having trouble adding/managing photos on my dog's page. So I gave up and deleted the page. Now I can't add a new dog! Ughhhhh please help me!

ASKED BY Kitty on 6/6/15
TAGGED dogpage, troubleshooting, addphotos IN Pet Page


My friend's tenant shot and killed my friend's dog on her property?

The tenant lived in a house on the same property my friend lives on. The tenant had chickens, and recently one was killed. My friend's dog (a young…

ASKED BY Jennie on 8/28/13
TAGGED shoot, shooting IN Laws & Legislation

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Dog attacks me and child at different points. Don't want to kill it, but used a non lethal deterant. Am I wrong?

Ok, I live in Oregon, in the city. Since moving to our recient house, I have had to contact animal control several times about Pitbulls running at…

ASKED BY Member 1092770 on 2/16/12
TAGGED pitbull, dog, aggressive, shoot, attack, legal IN Animal Control

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Is it legal for some one to come on your property and shoot your dog after he was bitten on your property?

person who knows dog comes over to feed dog and gets bitten. goes home, calls owner tells him he was bitten and the owner tells him to go to a dr and…

ASKED BY Member 1049724 on 8/28/11
TAGGED bite, kill, shoot IN Laws & Legislation

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Is it legal to shoot your own dog?

I know someone who does this every years or two and then goes out and gets a new dog. It makes me sick, but since the dog is their property and it…

ASKED BY Member 1033227 on 5/9/11
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Saydi Sue.

My father is threatening to shoot Saydi…

As the title says, My father isn't too fond of Saydi. He says she stinks, shes retarded, a nucense. I think the complete oppisite. Saydi is my baby…

ASKED BY Saydi Sue. on 12/4/10
TAGGED saydi, puppy, death, shoot, father, love, baby, life IN Loss of a Pet

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My neighbors child is BB gun shooting @ my dog he is in my backyard is it legal?

ASKED BY Member 974185 on 3/15/10
TAGGED gun, cruelty, dog, bb, backyard, my, child, shooting IN Laws & Legislation

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What are the laws regarding a shot dog?

My friend had a dog for almost seven years at the same residence and the other day his neighbor shot the dog and killed him. Butch was never violent…

ASKED BY Member 863607 on 8/2/09
TAGGED dog, shot, shoot, kill, a IN Other Laws & Legislation

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