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My 11 m/o German Shepard puppy refuses to housebreak?

My 11 m/o G.S puppy is taken out several times during the day. If he's out of his crate, he can go as long as 2 1/2 hours between outings. But if he's…

ASKED BY Member 1233587 on 9/7/14
TAGGED potty, housebreaking, germanshepard IN House Soiling


What breed of dogs am I?

Can you help me determine what breeds I may be? We were told Boxer Mix (which we believe boxer is in there as he does the head/body flip, and…

ASKED BY Vegas on 6/19/13
TAGGED shepard, greatdane, boxer, hound IN Mixed Breeds


Any Idea What Breeds I may be?

We were told Boxer Mix and that he would be on the small side of large. He was under nourished when we got him at 12 weeks old weighing only 10lbs…

ASKED BY Vegas on 6/18/13
TAGGED breed, greatdane, boxer, shepard, hound IN Mixed Breeds

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Which german shepherd dog is better to take short hair or long hair?

which german shepherd dog is better to take , either standard coat or plush coat or long coat ,,,, which coated german shepherd dog is better to…

ASKED BY Member 1148642 on 1/7/13
TAGGED aboutthesizeofboneandhairingermansheparddogs IN Professional Grooming


Can anyone guess what kind of dog my little koda is? i need good guesses because i have no idea?

hes about 7 months old now and very energetic. he has a deep bark thats a little suprising for his size. hes just a tad bit taller than my cocker…

ASKED BY koda on 5/10/12
TAGGED dog, mixed, breed, koda, rottweiler, lab, beagle, german, shepard, unknown, breed, black, brown, tan, white, puppy IN Mixed Breeds

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How do I stop my dog growling and biting his paw when he scratches?

just adopted Max 2 days ago. He's a 1 year old, 80 pound German Shepherd with a history of being neglected and abused. Yesterday he started…

ASKED BY Member 1098461 on 3/9/12
TAGGED food, aggression, selfbitinggermanshepardrescue IN Behavior & Training

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