I just added an adoptable dog to my dogster page for my dog rescue.How do people find him as an adoptable pet?

I created an account for my rescue to promote and network our adoptable dogs. How do people search and find these dogs? I see everything is powered by…

ASKED BY Ares on 10/6/12
TAGGED adoption, rescue, search IN Adoption & Rescue

Davey Dog

Is there a way to search only my pup pals list?

I'd like to be able to use the advanced search function, limited to my pup pal list, instead of all Dogster dogs. I'd like to be able to search for…

ASKED BY Davey Dog on 5/28/09
TAGGED search, advanced search, pup pal list IN Pup Pals

Guest Member Since

Where can I find information on the amount spent per year in the US on canine ear infection(otitis externa) treatments?

I need market statistics on the amount spent on canine ear infection, specifically otitis externa, treatments such as solutions, ointments, and washes…

ASKED BY Member 830407 on 4/26/09
TAGGED earinfection, treatment, medicine, dog, otitisexterna, cost, statistics, marketresearch, alternativetreatment IN Medications

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How do you find other dogs on dogster?

By their names.

ASKED BY Member 796755 on 1/26/09
TAGGED searchingforfriends IN The Dogster Website

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Hey! I posted an ad for an adoptable dog... but it won't come up when I do searches?

How will anyone find it this way? Can anyone help or explain. Try it for yourself. She is listed as a Standard Poodle, German shepherd…

ASKED BY Member 793779 on 1/18/09
TAGGED searchtrouble IN General

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Hello My 5 year old sheltie Shauna was just diagnosed with the histiocytic sarcoma tumor in her nares. Prognosis/advice?

initial symptom July 4 with bloody sneezing, again July 29, less severe episodes after this and again Aug.22. x-ray, CT scan and biopsy done…

ASKED BY Member 717863 on 8/25/08
TAGGED dog, histiocyticsarcoma, nasalbleeding, cancerresearch IN Health & Wellness

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