I'm wanting to change my dogs diets. Does anyone know the cheapest best dog food. I dont have the money to pay for expen?

I have an appointment with my vet for my pup to get her last needles in 3 weeks and I will ask him then but I'm just wondering what you guys think.

ASKED BY Mya on 1/10/15
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PLEASE HELP!!! 3 mo old Boston with sensitive stomach and diarrhea :(?

I really need some help!!! I have a three month old boston terrier. The breeder was feeding him purina puppy chow. We transitioned him to Acana small…

ASKED BY Member 1209563 on 1/14/14
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8 month old puppy on Wellness puppy food but has terrible gas and loose stools. What is a better option?

My puppy was on a cheap dollar store dog food when we got him. I switched him, gradually, to Wellness puppy food over about a month. he has been on…

ASKED BY Grover on 5/28/13
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Took in stray nursing mom and desperately need advise?

Hi All, im an expat working in Iraq, today i found a stray dog nursing her 4 puppies and couldn't leave her on the street like that. i took her…

ASKED BY Member 1126158 on 8/17/12
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I'm fostering a 6 mo. old recently spayed lab/border collie (?) mix abt 40lb they gave me adult food. Too young or?

The rescue group I'm fostering this dog for provides the fosters with dry dog food. Being that this dog is a med. breed isn't she too young for…

ASKED BY Member 1123041 on 7/28/12
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Are There Any Healthy, Homemade Treats I Can Give My Puppy?

I'm working on training my puppy Monty.. I ran out of his training treats but I still want to reinforce his good behavior. Is there any homemade…

ASKED BY Monty on 7/26/11
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My dog whimpers when he moves, but shows no sign of physical pain when rubbed down. Could he be constipated?

Hooch is a 120lb 5 year old mix breed. Two nights ago I tripped on him in the middle of the night. He seemed ok at the time, but as of around 10…

ASKED BY Hooch on 3/4/10
TAGGED constipation, pain, unknownpain, puppyfood IN Health & Wellness


Regarding puppy nutrition - When should we switch from puppy formula to regular adult food?

Hey there, Dogsters! Rupert is a sturdy, healthy Pitbull mix, recently neutered, around six months old. He has more than doubled in size since we…

ASKED BY Rupert on 12/13/09
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