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Okay, so I found a stray Lab. Nothing but bones when I found him, now he has gained a little weight but he keeps puking?

I found him in the chicken coupe eating rotten bell peppers Mom wanted to shoot him but I refused. Now he's a great dog but he keeps puking up his…

ASKED BY Member 1241273 on 1/22/15
TAGGED food, vomit, water, puking, aftereating IN Health & Wellness


Dog Has Puked Twice Today?

I haven't seen a vet yet, and if nessacary I will do so. I just don't know whether it is or not. He has just had a recent food switch, from canned…

ASKED BY Ace on 12/29/13
TAGGED food, puking IN Health & Wellness


Pepper is vomiting at night for the last two days..…

Pepper has been puking at night for the last two days. He can't be hungry as his food (pedigree with some bread and milk) is kept by his side all…

ASKED BY Pepper on 2/2/13
TAGGED puking, vomiting, fever, runningnose, illness IN Illness & Disease


Please help me my dog keeps puking up her whole stomach, and eats string and other items mainly string and carpet. HELP?

she started by just puking sometimes in the morning just yellow bile, but then it got worse and she started puking up her whole stomach…

ASKED BY Mocha on 10/3/12
TAGGED help, string, obsession, puking IN Behavior & Training


My pup has thrown up once each day for the last 3 days, but is eating, drinking & otherwise fine. When should I worry?

My 1-1/2 yr old Chi/Boston Terrier mix, Dio, eats everything he's not supposed to. I don't know how much of it actually gets into his tummy, but…

ASKED BY Dioghi on 8/8/10
TAGGED vomiting, throwingup, puking IN Other Health & Wellness


I am very worried. My dog ate several pieces of corn on the cob "the cob" and has been sick for a week?

A week to the day, Trooper got ahold of a piece of corn on the cob. He swallowed several whole pieces of it. He has been to the Vets 5 times this…

ASKED BY Trooper on 4/12/09
TAGGED puking, hives, surgery, allergies IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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My puppy isn't feeling good and keeps puking?

I have 2 pure bred German Shepherds and the mother just had 4 puppies. We are keeping one, and the puppy we chose just isn't up to beat like the…

ASKED BY Member 772843 on 11/25/08
TAGGED germanshepherd, puppies, puking, health, sick IN Health & Wellness

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