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Dog's face is swollen/puffy and he has a rash around his left eye and under his armpits. Any ideas on what it could be?

I have a 2 year old golden retriever and he has a swollen/puffy face and has a red rash around his left eye and underneath both arm pits.

ASKED BY Member 1093952 on 2/21/12
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My jindo's ear is puffed and flopped over. what do i do? P.S. it's not ear mites?

Breed: jindo Gender: female What's wrong?: her left ear is puffy

ASKED BY rocco on 9/12/09
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What might cause the area around our Chihuahua's mouth (jowls?) to seem swollen/puffy? She is generally in high spirits?

She is about 20 months old; we got her from a sort of abusive situation (they kept her tied, only got food/water once a day, kicked, hit her when…

ASKED BY Member 771143 on 11/21/08
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