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Is my 2-year old Pointer Mix just tired or is something wrong?

We had a BBQ yesterday and some kids came over and were in the pool. Now, my dog LOVES the pool and usually goes in for an hour or so at least…

ASKED BY Member 1179087 on 7/8/13
TAGGED tired, lethargic, normal, pool, exercise, overexercise, help IN Exercise

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Will salt water in swimming pools affect my dog?

I recently adopted a german shepherd mix and I was wondering if the salt water in my swimming pool is going to affect his health. And also, I know…

ASKED BY Member 1064563 on 3/10/12
TAGGED pool, gsd, saltwater, coat IN Health & Wellness

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My husband's ex-wife wants us to take care of her pomeranian on our weekends with my step kids. (every other weekend)?

The dog lived with another couple before the ex-wife got him. He is about 5 years old, very quiet, and timid. Although he is a very nice dog, my…

ASKED BY Member 1024199 on 2/21/11
TAGGED homes, kids, pool IN Behavior & Training

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My Dog,Sasha is turning 1.! she is a Shih Tzu...what should I do for her birthday? she had at least 7 puppie friend and?

What should I gave? Please Help.! if your a party Planner...or anything like that...please help.! i need to know clothes. and everything to wear…

ASKED BY Member 988158 on 5/20/10
TAGGED shihtzu, partypool IN News & Events

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Just joined! I have a 6 year old chocolate lab who has been blind since birth. She has been with me 8 months?

We have a pool and she swims. She can get out of the pool if she falls in. Right now we have the pool perimeter surrounded with string which is not…

ASKED BY Member 973576 on 3/16/10
TAGGED blind, blacklab, pool IN Behavior & Training


My german shepard has a raw spot onder his tail what could it be?

he loves to swin in the pool and hates to be dried off could being wet all night cause skin reactions my vet thinks its allergies but i think it is…

ASKED BY Thor on 6/26/09
TAGGED pool, rash, wetdog, germanshepherd IN Skin Problems

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I wanted to respond to layla,and loki about their answers..…

this one is for loki. i do play with our dog alot, he does not like a leash, and we have two acreas of land that he goes hog wild crazy far as…

ASKED BY Member 707253 on 8/17/08
TAGGED boxer, chewingpool, andeverythingelse IN Aggression

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My boxer keeps chewing my pool hoses and pump and playing tug awar with the electrical cords on our swimming pool, so?

how do i make him stop destroying my pool, i am so clueless to what to do ..... i have spanked him, put him in his pen for two to three days at a…

ASKED BY Member 707253 on 8/16/08
TAGGED boxer, destroying, chewing, swimmingpool IN Chewing

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