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I want to help my puppy live but i don't have money to do blood work. what should i do?

my pet ate some of my liquid Advil and was throwing the day of and acting out of the ordinary. the next day he was starting to act normal again by…

ASKED BY Member 1238728 on 12/8/14
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My lab mix ate diet pills?

Hello, my lab mix (weighs 90-100 pounds) got into my dad's weight loss pills. The pill bottle wasn't even opened so there was 60 pills in there. I…

ASKED BY Member 1229577 on 7/16/14
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Dog won't eat pill: is not eating, vomits pill back up if she is forced to swallow it?

My dog is a 7 year old toy poodle who started violently throwing up and having diarrhea last night (about 17 hours ago). Her vomit is clear and has no…

ASKED BY Member 1182466 on 7/26/13
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Small papillon puppy measurements?

I am getting a small papillon puppy soon, she should be around 3kg when grown like her mum. I want to start toilet training her as soon as I get…

ASKED BY Member 1165359 on 4/16/13
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Are Min Pin/Papillon mixes prone to liver infections?

My 5 1/2 year old female was misdiagnosed as having pyometra, but when the spaying was done, the vet found no pyometra. But my dog has elevated…

ASKED BY Member 1106748 on 4/20/12
TAGGED liverdisease, minpin, papillon IN Illness & Disease

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My dog likes to push covers and pillows around with is nose?

My dog likes to push covers and pillows around with is nose. He'll nudge all the throw pillows off the couch. Does anyone else have a dog that does…

ASKED BY Member 1104744 on 4/7/12
TAGGED nudging, pushing, pillows, blankets IN Other Behavior & Training

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