Patti, Rest in Peace

Why won't new pictures upload?

Have tried reducing size (twice), changing format, etc. There are only 2 pics on page & both were accepted. One already uploaded years ago has a…

ASKED BY Patti, Rest in Peace on 9/30/15
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Can't upload picture of my pet on my pet's page?

Every time I try to upload, it says there's a problem reading the file. I have saved the image as a JPEG and as a BMP, but neither one works. Is there…

ASKED BY Member 1237884 on 11/23/14
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Unable to download my own pictures?

When I try to download my pets pictures in my own account (logged in), I click save as and it is named: owner_permssion_required_for_use. The file is…

ASKED BY Chief on 5/6/14
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Is it legal, to shoot your dogs and take pictures of their body? I find it disgusting and serial killer-ish?

I found out recently that my boyfriends step dad took pictures of their family dogs after he shot them, I want to know if that is even legal. They had…

ASKED BY Member 1065437 on 10/22/11
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Still can't upload photos?

I asked this question three days ago and got a good answer but I am still not able to upload photos. Everytime I do it says cannot read file. Are…

ASKED BY Member 1043631 on 8/9/11
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♥ Anya ♥

How do I copy the pictures from my Dogster page?

I would like to copy the pictures from my Dogster page and place them on a CD. I have lost the original pictures and want to have them. Thank…

ASKED BY ♥ Anya ♥ on 1/18/11
TAGGED copypictures IN Pet Page

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