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Dog afraid of a room?

My dog is afraid of the "dog room". It's where he and his brother sleep, eat, and all their toys and such are put. We've lived here for 2 years now…

ASKED BY Member 1241588 on 1/28/15
TAGGED fear, anxiety, behavior, phobia IN Fears & Phobias

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My year old is scared of random things. He's getting aggressive. Any idea why or how to help?

My Lab is scared of seemingly random things that have been around for weeks or even months. Sometimes if someone laughs, coughs, picks up an object…

ASKED BY Member 1153377 on 2/3/13
TAGGED aggression, fear, phobia, scared IN Fears & Phobias

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My dog is afraid of all men, help?

My 4 yr old black lab is terrified of all men except for my uncle and brother. She literally freaks out and will do anything to avoid them. What…

ASKED BY Member 1039162 on 6/29/11
TAGGED dogscaredofmen, phobiaofmen, afraidofmen IN Fears & Phobias

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I have an old Chihuahua who's developing eating phobias. He's become afraid of his dish?

I have changed the size, color, and location of the dish, which is actually a saucer. He won't eat from anything that is deep like a puppy bowl…

ASKED BY Member 942408 on 1/31/10
TAGGED eatingdisorders, food, dish, phobias, chihuahua IN Food & Nutrition

Cha Cha Cardenas

My 4yr Chihuahua mix is sooo scared of my boyfriend...Anxiety meds?

My 4yr old chihuahua, Macho Boy seems to have a fear/phobia of my boyfriend. I don't know why. I have 3 other dogs, his mama, brother and sister that…

ASKED BY Cha Cha Cardenas on 7/17/09
TAGGED anxiety, fear, phobia IN Fears & Phobias

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My dog becomes uncontrollably scared when riding in a car that is traveling at high speed (>40mph). How can I calm her?

She is a 3yr old black lab/pointer (I think) She has no other neurotic behaviors She is happy and relaxed at speeds < 40mph She will NOT look out…

ASKED BY Member 832130 on 5/1/09
TAGGED phobia, car, highway, speed IN Behavior & Training


1 Yr oldShiba Inu is afraid of everything?

My 1 yr old Shiba Inu is afraid of, people, objects, etc. Walking her is nearly impossible. She is very social with other dogs…

ASKED BY Bella on 10/21/08
TAGGED shibainu, socialization, fears, phobias, psychotic IN Behavior & Training

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