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Dog will only eat soft food, is breathing shallowly, is skinny as a rail, and has rotted teeth. What to do?

When I took my dog to the vet over the years to get shots, he said he might get a dental cleaning, but never made it seem that important. We never had…

ASKED BY Member 1205548 on 12/22/13
TAGGED periodental, disease, heartproblems, lungproblems, advancedperiodontaldisease, periodontaldisease, help IN Senior Pet

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My dog been having her period for over a month.Why?Im worried?

ASKED BY Member 1152963 on 1/31/13
TAGGED period IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have a 9 mth old female pit bull and I'm scared of having her get her period. I'm a new female pit mommy. What can Ido?

I want to know what can I do in order to help my dog. Also she is always scratching her chest because her nipples are growing and her vagina is also…

ASKED BY Member 1144647 on 12/10/12
TAGGED periodsandfemalepitbullsatwhatagedotheygetit IN Health & Safety

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Why is my JRT leaking pee after being walked, and releasing white pee puddles when excited or in trouble?

Breed: JRT pure breed Sex: Female, unfixed Age: 1yr Issue: Random white pee + pee leakage after walk Behaviour: She knows it's bad and gets…

ASKED BY Member 1108549 on 4/30/12
TAGGED pee, leaking, walk, period, cycle, puppy IN Other Behavior & Training

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Dog just started her period..has been sick for 2 days, not eating or drinking and throwing this normal?

is it normal for a dog to be sleepy, not eating or drinking and throwing up what i manage to get in her stomach, during her first period?

ASKED BY Member 1104534 on 4/6/12
TAGGED dogsfirstperiodandissick IN Health & Wellness

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Older dog getting her period, after not having it for a long time. HELP?

Do older dogs stop having their period at a certain age? My dog is about 12 years old, and one day when I was brushing her hair, her period came on. I…

ASKED BY Member 997607 on 7/20/10
TAGGED period, old IN Health & Wellness

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My dog keeps licking her vagina. She's in heat but it seems to be bothering her?

my 11month old maltese/yorkie has been in heat almost 3 weeks now and her vagina has been swollen and bleeding a tiny bit(which i know is normal…

ASKED BY Member 838303 on 5/20/09
TAGGED heat, licking, vagina, irritated, period IN Other Health & Wellness

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