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Our 10 week old golden retriever puppy got hooked on people food by accident due to illness. Help need for dog food?

We got a golden retriever puppy at six weeks old. She had whip worms very bad. After deworming her she became very sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, would not…

ASKED BY Member 1209874 on 1/16/14
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7-month old Jap Spitz won't eat dog food after tasting people food?

I have her for 3 weeks now. She's been eating the same dry food twice a day. Now she just smells it. She just got her 6-1 vaccination exactly a…

ASKED BY Sachi on 4/12/11
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Thor Wright

Thor wright?

I just fould out that my dog has diabeaties what are table foods that i may feed him that are good for him?

ASKED BY Thor Wright on 8/13/09
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Omeaga's, transfactor?

I give my two dogs fish oil & transfactor. I have to hide it in a rolled up piece of meat which I am not to keen on. If I put the fis oil on their…

ASKED BY Member 806710 on 2/20/09
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My 90 lb choc. lab ate about 6 oz. of choc. tofee covered peanuts. Should I be worried?

He vomitted up a few peanuts about 8 hours after injesting. He has vomitted up both meals since. and has been drinking lots of water. He has…

ASKED BY Member 784342 on 12/28/08
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