Daisy Mae

Why is my dog urinating in her own bed?

My teacup chihuahua is a little over a year old. She has been trained to potty outside and when I'm not home to go on a pee pad. She used to be…

ASKED BY Daisy Mae on 9/14/14
TAGGED peeing, urinating, peepads, pottypads, chihuahua IN Behavior & Training

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How can I get my Chihuahua to stop going potty on our carpet?

We have a Chihuahua who's 6 months old and we have had him since he was 2 months old. At first we was only having a few accidents inside as it was…

ASKED BY Member 1226059 on 5/10/14
TAGGED pottytraining, peepad, outside IN Behavior & Training


How do you get your Maltese puppy to "potty" outside when it's cold or rainy out?

My Maltese will only potty outside if the weather is perfect (i.e. sunny, blue skies, 70+ degrees). He literally freaks out if it is rainy or cold or…

ASKED BY Teddy on 9/17/13
TAGGED newengland, housebreaking, housetraining, potty, cold, rainy, rain, wet, peepad IN Other Behavior & Training

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I cant potty train my 2 year old dachshund please help?

I've had him for about a year now and sometimes we do well and he pee's and poops outside but no matter what he always poops in the house. he was…

ASKED BY Member 1154748 on 2/11/13
TAGGED training, dachsund, pee, poo, dog, peepad IN Behavior & Training

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Training an adult dog to use a pee pad for emergencies?

I have a 4 year old French Bulldog. She is perfectly potty trained, but I recently moved (a few days ago) into a new apartment in a high rise…

ASKED BY Member 1119138 on 7/5/12
TAGGED adult, peepad, training IN Behavior & Training


Can you pee pad and train a puppy to go "outside"?

Is it possible to teach a puppy to do both - go "outside" and use a "pee pad"??? I am baby-gated in the kitchen and have a pee pad during the day…

ASKED BY Bella on 3/19/12
TAGGED peepad, outside, potty IN Housebreaking


How do i train my 14 week old maltipoo to go outside AND on pee pads?

My 14 week old maltipoo came to me at 10 weeks old 99% housetrained. I'm glad she goes outside and don't mind taking her out. But she is very tiny and…

ASKED BY Lacey on 8/26/10
TAGGED housetrainig, peepads IN Housebreaking

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Why is my dog recently not peeing on the pee pee pads?

I have a rescued 20lb terrier mix. Have her 2 1/2 years and she is approximately 5 yrs old. She has always used pee pee pads when I am not home to…

ASKED BY Member 973146 on 3/12/10
TAGGED stoppedusingpeepeepads IN Behavior & Training

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