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I am getting married and we are wanting to put our dog's paw print on the marriage license. Any suggestons?

I'm looking for a pet-safe ink. I would rather do ink than paint, but want to use whatever is safest for our baby! I would appreciate any…

ASKED BY Member 1039609 on 7/4/11
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Puppy questions... Sampson is becoming a problem.. He's not a great fit for the family. Should we give him away?

Sampson a big BIG dog... We can't excercise him a lot a day. We do have a HUGE yard though. The problem is he's torn up a $300 chair, peed on the…

ASKED BY ♥ Sampson ♥ on 12/21/09
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What is the safest way to take a paw print?

its for a project im doing, and i need to get paw prints from different dogs, but i dont want them to harm the dogs in anyway, and i want what ever im…

ASKED BY Member 900258 on 10/12/09
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