Lilly Walker

Do you think my little 7 year old Bichon Frise looks overweight ? that is a video of her playing and rolling in the yard. please let me know i'm very concerned !

ASKED BY Lilly Walker on 9/21/13
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My yorkie is nearly 4yrs old and overweight, the vet said she should be 5lbs but is 20lbs!!! yesterday while flying for?

poppy is nearly 4yrs old she is a yorkshire terrier, she started to gain weight after being spade,took her to vet today and she 20lbs!Yesterday she…

ASKED BY poppy on 5/4/13
TAGGED injuryedleg, overweight, diet IN Obesity

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I have a couple questions, the first of which is how do I exercise my overweight dog when she has arthritis? She's very?

I have 2 dogs that are both overweight. Moo has arthritis & is on Rymadil to help with the pain, but going for walks makes it worse, & she limps for a…

ASKED BY Member 1160320 on 3/22/13
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Is an 8 pound Chihuahua considered to be overweight?

I have Chihuahua who's a year old. We've already been to the vet and they say he is in great shape. His weight is 8 pounds, so I'm wondering is that…

ASKED BY Member 1079495 on 4/22/12
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Little bit of a feeding problem... Conflict with free feed AND scheduled feed. Help?

So, he's my problem... I adopted a new dog to be a bit of a "chill pill" or "guide" for my deaf puppy, and she has been great. She's a 4 year old…

ASKED BY Amaterasu on 11/27/11
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How do I get my lazy Labrador retriever to exercise? He gets tired even after 1 round?

My 4 year old Labrador retriever is very lazy and he gets tried within two rounds of fetch, and he isn't even interested in the ball at times. He has…

ASKED BY Atom on 7/11/10
TAGGED overweight, labrador, lazy IN Health & Wellness

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