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Does anyone have any healthy dog food recipes?

My mini foxie (girl, 3 years) has become over weight after being desexed. I buy wet and dry food for her. I am thinking I might need to start making…

ASKED BY Member 1228556 on 6/11/14
TAGGED overweight, dogfood, minifoxie, smallbreed IN Homemade Food

Lilly Walker

Do you think my little 7 year old Bichon Frise looks overweight ? that is a video of her playing and rolling in the yard. please let me know i'm very concerned !

ASKED BY Lilly Walker on 9/21/13
TAGGED lilly, bichon, bichonfrise, overweight, weight, help, health IN Health & Wellness


My yorkie is nearly 4yrs old and overweight, the vet said she should be 5lbs but is 20lbs!!! yesterday while flying for?

poppy is nearly 4yrs old she is a yorkshire terrier, she started to gain weight after being spade,took her to vet today and she 20lbs!Yesterday she…

ASKED BY poppy on 5/4/13
TAGGED injuryedleg, overweight, diet IN Obesity

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I have a couple questions, the first of which is how do I exercise my overweight dog when she has arthritis? She's very?

I have 2 dogs that are both overweight. Moo has arthritis & is on Rymadil to help with the pain, but going for walks makes it worse, & she limps for a…

ASKED BY Member 1160320 on 3/22/13
TAGGED arthritis, skinconditions, overweight IN Exercise

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Is an 8 pound Chihuahua considered to be overweight?

I have Chihuahua who's a year old. We've already been to the vet and they say he is in great shape. His weight is 8 pounds, so I'm wondering is that…

ASKED BY Member 1079495 on 4/22/12
TAGGED overweight, chihuahua, dog, puppy, obese, obesity, exercise IN Obesity


Little bit of a feeding problem... Conflict with free feed AND scheduled feed. Help?

So, he's my problem... I adopted a new dog to be a bit of a "chill pill" or "guide" for my deaf puppy, and she has been great. She's a 4 year old…

ASKED BY Amaterasu on 11/27/11
TAGGED puppy, refusing, eat, beagle, overeating, overweight, underweight, schedule, freefeed IN Other Food & Nutrition

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