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Jack Russell puppy has an abnormally large and bloated tummy?

This morning we got a baby Jack Russel, +- 8 weeks old and he was super small. However, 5 hours later his belly is looking ABNORMALLY large and…

ASKED BY Member 1155668 on 2/17/13
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Little bit of a feeding problem... Conflict with free feed AND scheduled feed. Help?

So, he's my problem... I adopted a new dog to be a bit of a "chill pill" or "guide" for my deaf puppy, and she has been great. She's a 4 year old…

ASKED BY Amaterasu on 11/27/11
TAGGED puppy, refusing, eat, beagle, overeating, overweight, underweight, schedule, freefeed IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Brittney Spaniel just ate about 2/3 of a bag of dental treats. How concerned should we be?

Shes about 1.5 years old and doesn't seem to be having any issues yet. We aren't sure she really ate them all but they are all gone. They were Dingo…

ASKED BY Member 1015526 on 12/13/10
TAGGED dentaltreats, overeating IN Other Health & Wellness


My 5 yr old 27 pound cocker spaniel at an almost full container of trader joe's 'cat cookies' for people (reg flavor)?

SHould I be worried? Is this dangerous? He has doggie door so I don't know if he got sick, etc; no evidence in house, and he seems to be acting…

ASKED BY Buster on 3/6/09
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My puppy eats too fast. She is now 11 weeks, and she gobbles her food so fast she sometimes doesn't even chew?

Is there a way to make her eat slower? She can inhale her entire meal in under 60 seconds and we give her a cup at a meal. For a couple minutes after…

ASKED BY Misty on 10/4/08
TAGGED food, overeating, fasteating IN Behavior & Training