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How hot is 2 hot 4 my dog 2 be outside? I live in Palm Springs, CA & midsummer temps have come early. Dog wants to b out?

I adopted a cairn terrier from an animal shelter on Feb. 28. He is so mellow for a terrier, doesn't bark, howls once in awhile and is all around…

ASKED BY Member 1248671 on 6/28/15
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Should I separate my dog from his friend in order to be inside?

I have a 4 year old st. bernard/german shepherd. I'm about to be moving to an apartment in a different state and I'm trying to decide if I should take…

ASKED BY Member 1157150 on 2/26/13
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How can I turn an outside dog back to an indoor one? Rescuing a 10 month old beagle who has been kept outdoors for last?

We will be trying to crate train him since the previous owners have not even tried to potty train him. Is this possible or are we getting in over our…

ASKED BY Member 821162 on 3/31/09
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Henry Bear Falcon

For Great Pyr owners.My newly (3yr old) adopted Pyr won't come in from the yard, how do I get him to come in?

i just adopted Henry (Great Pyr) who had lived in a one bedroom condo for most of his life, he now has a yard, and I cannot get him to come inside…

ASKED BY Henry Bear Falcon on 8/14/08
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Why do people have outside dogs?

Really. I think it's mean to keep your dog outside. I don't get If you wanted a dog in fhe first place why would you keep it outside? It just…

ASKED BY Member 618500 on 7/17/08
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Daisy~The Angel By My Side~

Is there anyone?

who has an inside dog yet doesnt opose to an outside dog? After all when God created the dog he gave them what they needed to live outside. While I…

ASKED BY Daisy~The Angel By My Side~ on 12/31/07
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