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My older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in dribble..we are not close to a vet...thanks?

my older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in a dribble....I am not close to a vet.....any suggestions, thanks

ASKED BY Member 1216588 on 3/18/14
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3 Older Dogs peeing in the house?

I have 3 dogs just recently added a bull dog 3 years old about 9 months ago. Had 2 Cocker Spaniels 6 years old brothers, lately they are peeing in the…

ASKED BY Member 1208230 on 1/7/14
TAGGED olderdogspeeinginthehouse IN House Soiling


Your Open QuestionShow me another » Need tips on introducing a 10 yr old dog to our hyper 2yr old dog and lazy cats?

The 10 yr old is a miniature schnauzer who has lived with my sick and elderly in laws as an only pet. She is very sweet but likes to chase the cats…

ASKED BY Josie on 7/16/13
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Sheba Loo(Gertie)

I see the standard answer for seperation anxiety seems to be THE CRATE. What about for an older dog?

My baby is 10 today, I've had her since she was 5 wks old. She's chewed through a crate like nothing, losing a K-9 in the process. Last July her…

ASKED BY Sheba Loo(Gertie) on 2/10/13
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Potty Training a chihuahua?

I have an eleven year old Chihuahua and I got him when he was about three. He. I don't think he was ever really potty trained, even though he does…

ASKED BY Member 1124227 on 8/5/12
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How/can I change the sleeping arrangements of two older dogs?

My boyfriend and I have moved in together and we've got a 12 year old boxer(female) and a 12 year old rottie.(male) They've both always slept with…

ASKED BY Member 1001766 on 8/24/10
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Older dogs avoid puppy and run away when she's near...what should I do?

I have three older dogs, and a new puppy, and the new puppy sends the older dogs running whenever she approaches. The older dogs are a 4 year old…

ASKED BY Member 839308 on 5/24/09
TAGGED puppy, olderdogsandpuppies, bulldogs, pugs, sheepdogs IN Socialization

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