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I have a 16 month Rottweiler/Alsatian rescue dog. She has lived with us for a couple of weeks now is not clean?

From time to time she will do a poo in one of the rooms or a pee. She gets regular walks (altho not risked off the lead yet) and is a wonderful dog…

ASKED BY Member 1244476 on 4/5/15
TAGGED nottoilettrained IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Dog went limp and unresponsive?

This morning I woke up and my dog, a 3 y.o. min pin, was fine but all of a sudden his breathing became I erratic and stopped. Concerned, I picked…

ASKED BY Member 1242289 on 2/12/15
TAGGED seizure, unresponsive, notbreathing, eyesopen IN Health & Wellness

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Dog throwing up for last 5 days?

and not drinking water what can we do?

ASKED BY Member 1239925 on 1/1/15
TAGGED throwingup, notdrinkingwater IN Health & Wellness

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5 month old Bullmastiff won't toilet please?

We got our bullmastiff at 8weeks old, she is now 21weeks old. She was bottle fed as her mother did not have enough milk. She is only interested in…

ASKED BY Member 1239419 on 12/21/14
TAGGED bullmastiff, housebreaking, crate, food, notplayful, puppy IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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***PLEASE HELP*** 6.5yr old male chihuahua not housebroken or fixed ... tips? ideas? ANYTHING?

***PLEASE HELP*** 6.5 year old chihuahua adoptee was in cage most of the day except to go out to pee - when he is out of his cage at our house (his…

ASKED BY Member 1222432 on 4/14/14
TAGGED nothousebroken, notfixed, potty, cage, train IN Behavior & Training

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Dog can't handle my mum not being home. Please help?

We have 2 maltese x shih tzu a year a part (9 & 8) The 9 year old is a female and when my mum leaves the house, she becomes very anxious. She hides…

ASKED BY Member 1218168 on 3/25/14
TAGGED mum, dog, nothome, help, maltese, shihtzu, x IN Separation Anxiety

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My puppy has become weak and refuses to eat. What should I do?

I have a two month old puppy (Lab cross Retriever), we adopted her from a friend of ours. He was the youngest so he was on the small end. They stopped…

ASKED BY Member 1216028 on 3/14/14
TAGGED weak, puppy, noteating, vomiting, diarrhea, vetinjections IN Puppies

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