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Can I travel with a new puppy?

At the end of this school year I am considering getting a puppy, most likely a French Bulldog. The thing is is that every summer I go to my aunt's…

ASKED BY Member 1208931 on 1/11/14
TAGGED travel, with, a, new, puppy, south, carolina, sc, travelwithanewpuppy, canitravelwithanewpuppy IN Car Travel

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Why is my adult dog aggressive towards me since new puppy arrived?

We have a 2 yr old shih tzu x cavalier who is very sweet to me and my husband UNTIL our new puppy arrived. I am completely new to having two dogs…

ASKED BY Member 1194794 on 10/17/13
TAGGED newpuppy, adultdog, aggressive, towards, me, cavalier, shihtzu, pekingese IN Aggression


Normal for older dog to put younger in place?

I'm just making sure that this isn't an aggression issue. Long story short I'm going away overseas for six months and my parents are watching my four…

ASKED BY Moose on 8/24/13
TAGGED teeth, possibleagression, olderdog, newpuppy IN Behavior & Training


What breed(s) do you think I am?

Hello! My name is Sprite. I am approximately 14 weeks old. I weigh 15.4 lbs and am tri-colored. My brother and sister both look like husky/shepherd…

ASKED BY Sprite on 8/4/13
TAGGED whatbreed, newpuppy IN Other Puppies

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I have an 8 almost 9 month old male Chinese shar pei he has an amazing personality and temperment even the vet comments?

I will be home with them for about 3 months over the summer.

ASKED BY Member 1169794 on 5/18/13
TAGGED newpuppy, currentdog, gettingalong IN Adoption & Rescue

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I have an 8 month old Chinese shar pei and he has a great temperament and personality we wanted to add a new dog to our?

We just want to make sure it would be a good fit. I'd hate for anything to happen to our dog now. Our vet thought it would be a good fit but I just…

ASKED BY Member 1169794 on 5/11/13
TAGGED gettinganewpuppy IN Other Puppies

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Leaving new pup alone from 8-4?

I am thinking of getting a new chihuahua puppy. I live in a temporary apartment, & I have school from 8:00am - 4:00pm. So a new puppy would be left…

ASKED BY ♥ Chi-Chi ♥ on 10/19/12
TAGGED newpuppy, school IN Health & Safety

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New puppy, Letting it sleep in my bed?

I am getting a new puppy in two week, and I am very excited. I am trying to get my house ready for my very first dog... and while doing research I…

ASKED BY Member 1135800 on 10/14/12
TAGGED sleeping, newpuppy, bed IN Behavior & Training

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