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How do I find the quick/vein in black nails?

My dog has black nails and I want to help him trim it when it gets long. He's the first animal I've ever had with black nails. Any tips on finding…

ASKED BY Arrgee Von Barkee☺ on 8/2/10
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Biting while attempting to handle paws?

Duke is a 7 year old adoptee. He is somewhat fearful of people but in the year I've had him he has improved dramatically except in one area.... nail…

ASKED BY Duke on 3/1/09
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I have had Teddy since he was a pup, he is very at loving. Behavior changing I cannot evern trim his nails?

I have had Teddy since he was a pup, he is very at loving. At home we have a cat as well and they do not get along, I keep them seperate because…

ASKED BY Teddy on 2/14/09
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Is Pedipaws a good nail trimming tool for my small dog? He doesn't allow more than a very light brief second of filing?

I'm following all the directions that came with the tool a few weeks ago, and at this point my little dog even comes to me when he hears the buzzing…

ASKED BY Member 773802 on 11/28/08
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