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I need a muzzle for my French Bulldog. Anyone know a brand that fits?

My Frenchie can get very rough with other dogs and I need a muzzle to start training him. None of the commercially available brands at the pet shop…

ASKED BY Member 1241227 on 1/22/15
TAGGED frenchbulldog, muzzle IN Behavior & Training


Why is my dog aggressive to other dogs at the building entrance and on the elevator and how do I stop it?

I adopted my Westie at 10 months old, and at the time he was very friendly, but sometimes fearful of other dogs. Over the past two years (he is now…

ASKED BY Riley on 8/8/13
TAGGED aggression, muzzle IN Aggression

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How do I stop my dog's dog aggression near our building entrance and elevator?

I adopted my 3yr. old Westie when he was 10 months old. We live in a high rise with many dogs, who all share one small elevator; there are always many…

ASKED BY Member 1182644 on 7/27/13
TAGGED dogaggression, territorial, muzzle IN Aggression

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13yo Westie has extremely itchy muzzle?

My old West Highland White Terrier has never had issues with his skin at all but has always has been prone to bad ear infections that have to be…

ASKED BY Member 1173961 on 6/6/13
TAGGED muzzle, itchy, westie, old, angus IN Health & Wellness


My dog wont stop rubbing her face on the ground, what do I do?

Everyday my dog rubs her face on the ground. I thought it was just an itch but she does it so much that she's getting a raw bald spot on her muzzle. I…

ASKED BY Shila on 8/20/11
TAGGED healthrubbingbaldmuzzle IN Health & Wellness

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Why would puppy's muzzle swell, itch, and hair loss while on antibiotics?

My 12 week old min pin puppy had swollen eyes with discharge. The vet gave antibiotics, eye wash and eye ointment. The antibiotics lasted 12…

ASKED BY Member 1046030 on 8/15/11
TAGGED antibiotics, swollenmuzzle, hairloss, eyes IN Health & Safety


Should I muzzle my dog to prevent her from eating dangerous substances?

My 8 month old German Pointer x Mastiff mix Violet has a habit of eating things that she shouldn't. I've fenced off sections of the garden where there…

ASKED BY Violet on 11/3/10
TAGGED muzzle IN Other Behavior & Training

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How can i get my dog to stop biting other dogs at the dog park?

my dog is great around people but not so great around other dogs. she generally meets other dogs by freezing and letting her hair stand up, then…

ASKED BY Member 1001795 on 8/24/10
TAGGED biting, dogpark, muzzle IN Socialization

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