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Is there something i can give my dog to nuetralize possible poison? we had mushrooms in our yard and i think she ate one?

its thanksgiving weekend and everything was fine until i noticed she had a swift loss of appetite. she has thrown up a few times with diahrea, we've…

ASKED BY Member 1013569 on 11/27/10
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IT is that time of year mushrooms are starting to grow in the yard?

Mushrooms are veary Dangers to dog this time last year my friends dog was playing in the yard and eat some mushroomes but they did not see her eat…

ASKED BY snickers on 3/22/09
TAGGED bewearmushrooms IN Loss of a Pet

Holly Belle

How Do You Walk Your Pup if it is ALWAYS Eating Stuff From The Ground?

Today on a long hike, Holly was eating "stringy stuff" from in the grass, that my boyfriend figured out was GROUND SQUIRREL poop. Soon after that…

ASKED BY Holly Belle on 2/28/09
TAGGED hikingeatingscat, eatingmushrooms, cowpatties IN Health & Safety