Can someone please provide me with strict, effective, safe, and fun training regimen to help me accomplish my goals?

My name is Pilot and I am a 3.5 month old Siberian Husky that came home with my Daddy about a week ago. He is fully committed to spending several…

ASKED BY Pilot on 1/10/14
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Breed Help?

Breed Help? I recently adopted this beautiful awesome tempered dog, Dodger...not sure, the shelter ppl said he was St. Bernard. He's bout a year and…

ASKED BY Member 1033510 on 5/11/11
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A mutt with coloring identical to a swiss mountain dog?

What breeds are evident? At the shelter they said Labrador Retriever, Beagle, and German Sheperd. His mom was definitely a German Sheperd. He…

ASKED BY Member 979207 on 4/1/10
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My GSMD weighs 103 lbs, He is 1 and 1/2 yrs old. His dad was 140 and mom 130, will he grow more?

He is not neutered. He is very muscular, and very proportional. Just wondering if anyone thinks he will grow more who may have had a gsmd with a…

ASKED BY Member 888701 on 9/19/09
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My 6 yr old Berner was running around silly this morning...now he is limping and refusing to let me touch his paw?

I can move his leg in full range of motion, but he flinches when I touch his paw. I checked for stones, thorns, and other debris. There is no…

ASKED BY Member 818879 on 3/23/09
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I am interested in the mountain cur. I wanted to know how they are aaround children. I have two grandkids,4 and 3?

I want to be sure they are ok around kids. The one I feel in love with, was not raised around children. If I get one it will be.

ASKED BY Member 737416 on 9/16/08
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