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I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what my dog might be?

I have had him for about three months. He is liver colored with stick up ears, white chest, a curly tail, double coat and weighs about 40 pounds…

ASKED BY Member 1226599 on 5/13/14
TAGGED pharaoh, basenji, mixed IN Mixed Breeds


Any idea what breed my Doodle could be?

Shiba inu mix? German Shepherd mix? 16kg, 2 years old, rarely barks and has more of a 'speaking' bark, quite 'cat-like' in her mannerisms. Mid…

ASKED BY Doodle on 4/19/14
TAGGED breed, mixedbreed, mutt, mongrel IN Breeds

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Mixed Diet for my 3 dogs?

Hey! Im new to the website and would like a little bit of insight on if I am doing the right thing if possible. I have 3 dogs Jasmine (50LB Tigar…

ASKED BY Member 1218997 on 3/29/14
TAGGED food, mixed IN Food & Nutrition

Sammy Tofu

Can you please help me figure out what breed my dog is?

I've had my dog Sammy for 6 years now, receiving her from a friend of a friend who could not take care of her. She is 6 years old and ~40 pounds…

ASKED BY Sammy Tofu on 3/16/14
TAGGED mutt, breed, mixedbreed IN Mixed Breeds


What breed is my lab mixed with?

Can anyone help me figure out what breed my puppy might be. I know she is a lab but I don't know what the mix is. She is about 7 months old. my…

ASKED BY Kaname on 3/1/14
TAGGED breed, lab, mixed IN Mixed Breeds


What is a low maintenance, mellow, QUIET breed or mixed breed of small dog?

Low maintenance as in not much training required (just basic obedience). I don't mind any type of grooming! I'd love to hear about "designer dog…

ASKED BY Jackie on 1/11/14
TAGGED smalldog, bestbreed, bestmixedhybridbreed IN Breeds

Alby Daniel Burgess

Am I part Great Dane? What am I?

My puppy, Alby, is about 17 weeks old and a beagle mix according to the Humane Society. We have had him since October 4th and in that time he has gone…

ASKED BY Alby Daniel Burgess on 11/14/13
TAGGED dane, greatdanedalmatian, puppy, mixedbreed, rescue, englishpointer, hound, labrador IN Mixed Breeds

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