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Dog too stressed to go outside?

I have a 5yo mini dach and I love her to death, had her since she was a puppy but at my parents house. They had a big backyard with little traffic…

ASKED BY Member 1247148 on 5/25/15
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What do I need to do if I want to breed my male miniature dachshund?

I have a male piebald mini dachshund. He is CKC registered and up to date on shots. He is 7 months old now, great with young children and big dogs…

ASKED BY Member 1228602 on 6/12/14
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18 month old mini dachshund still not housebroken and seems to have separation anxiety?

Ive had my Lucy since she was 12 weeks and i have tried everything to house break her. i tried crate training but she had no problem making a mess…

ASKED BY Lucy on 12/20/13
TAGGED minidachshund, housebreaking, separationanxiety IN Behavior & Training

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I have a female mini dachshund, and she's 1yr. 7 mo. old. and preg. due the 18. She has a red bottom what can I use?

She's pregnant with 1 litter, and scratches and bites alot. The redness looks like a rash, and is bothering her. I haven't seen any changes in her…

ASKED BY Member 1119252 on 7/6/12
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My 6 year old mini dachshund is 32 days pregnant with her first (unplanned) litter. She is having difficulty breathing a?

Haven't been to vet yet but have spoken with her. Plan on trying to see her this week.

ASKED BY Member 1111988 on 5/22/12
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My mini-dachshund freaks out every time I leave. Crying, jumping at the door etc. Is this separation anxiety?

I got my mini-dachshund last Christmas when he was 12 weeks old. It was just he and I for 6 months in my apartment, then I moved back home after…

ASKED BY Member 1037807 on 6/18/11
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We will soon get a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I want a small dog also. Would a mini dachshund be a good companion for us all?

If we go ahead with the 2 dog family, when is the best time to get each the same time, big or small dog first?

ASKED BY Member 1019757 on 1/18/11
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