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My dog a 3 year old chihuahua terrier mix and she is going to give birth soon but she keeps drinking her milk help?

along with drinking her milk she is in love with her toy bone she licks it and she never did this before and we had the bone for a quite a long time…

ASKED BY Member 1147526 on 12/31/12
TAGGED puppiesmilk IN Health & Safety

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My jack russell terrier is leaking milk. What does that mean?

I notice My jack russell terrier is leaking milk. What does that mean.

ASKED BY Member 1129093 on 9/3/12
TAGGED jackrussellterrier, leakingmilk IN Health & Wellness

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Hey m having black pug bitch. She's having infection around her nose . kindly tell what to do. Right now m using neospi?

1 year black female pug. having infection around her nose. M using neospirin powder for that . but no result

ASKED BY Member 1127412 on 8/25/12
TAGGED pedigree, milknchapati IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My chiwhawha has a large knot under her skin under her front right leg. She is feeding pups. What is this. Anyone know?

Her name is Sissy. She has a large knot under her right front leg and 3 or 4 very small knots under her left front leg. These knots only came up…

ASKED BY Member 1126280 on 8/18/12
TAGGED welping, dog, knot, milk, help, animal, female, puppies IN Answers

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My dog does not like peanut butter, so what should I fill my dog's Kong with?

My dog is a meat lover, and he kind if likes carrots, too. But I tested to see if he liked these foods, but he didn't. Bananas Apples Peanut…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 7/5/12
TAGGED peanut, butter, bananas, apples, treats, milk, cheese, kong, dog, toy, treats, human, food, doesnt, like IN Treats

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Is it ok to give my dog almond milk?

is almond milk ok for dogs

ASKED BY Member 1093630 on 2/20/12
TAGGED almondmilk, drink, dog IN Food & Nutrition

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Dog had puppies 2 nites ago, 2 died today, first time mother not paying attn. to last live puppy, how/what can i feed it?

Hi, My Dog Gave Birth 2 Nights Ago, First Time Mother, To 3 Puppys, Today 2 Puppies Died And She Seems Real Depressed And Isint Paying Mind To Last…

ASKED BY Member 1090045 on 2/5/12
TAGGED alternativedogmilk, puppydiet, puppysurvival, puppyabandonment IN Health & Safety

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Dog milk bag is like a plate flat her 3rd litter.niple the size of a malbarry,2 day old not drinking what to do help-5 b?

milk bag some thing wrong,its flat like a plate,niple the size of a malbarry 2day old pup not drinking milk ==Help==337-580-2283

ASKED BY Member 1047966 on 8/23/11
TAGGED flatbreastanfullofmilkstickesoutoneachsideofmotherplate IN Health & Safety

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