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My Golden is having behavioral urinating problems, PLEASE HELP?

Connor Murphy, Golden retriever, spoiled brat, male, neutered. I got him when he was 3-4 months old, I already had a flat coat retriever (Female…

ASKED BY Member 1229813 on 7/20/14
TAGGED urinating, peeing, housespoiling, behaviors, jealous, dog, male, neutered IN House Soiling

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My dog won't eat?

We got a hound mix from the shelter on Tuesday and she is 5 years old. Her previous owner said she only ate canned wet dog food (Mighty Dog) and sry…

ASKED BY Member 1228644 on 6/13/14
TAGGED hound, mix, dry, canned, wet, food, female, five, eating, problems IN Health & Wellness


Anyone out there overcome aggression from a dog toward male humans and some dogs?

Me and my boyfriend rescued an approx 18 month old male border collie cross (Alfoe) about 3 months ago who was found as a stray by the local…

ASKED BY Alfie on 6/1/14
TAGGED male, aggression, barking IN Aggression

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Looking for tips experiences etc off people who have overcome.barking and agression in males dogs esp toward other dogs?

Hi there, I rehomed a stray dog about 3 months ago. He is called Alfie, a medium sized collie cross about 1- 2 yrs old. We had him neutered about…

ASKED BY Member 1227740 on 5/31/14
TAGGED male, aggression, barking IN Aggression


Female Husky, which puppy?

I have a one year old Husky, that is a Female. And I would like to get another Husky, but would it be better to get a male or a female puppy…

ASKED BY Kira on 5/31/14
TAGGED siberian, husky, siberianhusky, alaskan, dogs, puppies, puppy, maleorfemale, female, pup, gender, behavior, personality IN Dogs & Kids

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14 month old boxer, still no heat?

i have a 14 month old boxer gal, who still has not gone into heat! i was waiting for her to have her first heat before i had her spayed, but went…

ASKED BY Member 1213353 on 2/26/14
TAGGED boxer, heat, female, cleftpalate IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Spayed female humping neutered female?

My 9 year old spayed female sometimes humps my 3 year old neutered male while he is play-biting with his spayed 10 month old play-mate. I think it is…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 2/24/14
TAGGED female, humping, spayed, male, puppy, dog IN Other Behavior & Training


Male Dog not getting along with other dogs?

He is very sweet to humans and his two buddies (who are female) but when we take him to the park he goes nuts when he sees other dogs, especially…

ASKED BY Banjo on 2/24/14
TAGGED dogs, agressive, male IN Aggression

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