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If dogs in their fenced area kill a stray dog are there legal ramifications for the owner of the fenced dogs?

Happened in Colorado. Stray got through the fence in the middle of private property. Stray dog had internal injuries only which resulted in death.

ASKED BY Member 1172107 on 5/26/13
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What liability does a veterinarian have for not disclosing major side effects of a medication he prescribes? Informative?

Response to Toto, CD, RN, CGC & Josie who answered this question from me. My wife is an RN for the past 30 yrs in a major medical center. It is…

ASKED BY Member 1145209 on 12/21/12
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I gave a dog of mine away a month ago. He recently bit the new owners son, am I liable?

He has never bit anyone else before, and they never called or said he was acting aggressivey. We have a two year old, and a ten month old, and he…

ASKED BY Member 819043 on 3/23/09
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How do Pet Sitting jobs get around liability?

If your transporting a clients dog how do you get around the liability of travel. I can only think to take alternate routs to avoid intersections…

ASKED BY Member 758479 on 11/16/08
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I was scared. He tripped over me, it happened so fast I just reacted by nipping him. I was so sorry and felt bad?

My mommy and daddy had the baby over visiting us. The baby is daddy's and another woman's son. He tripped over me while I was sleeping, I got scared…

ASKED BY Schnappsie on 10/6/08
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Pedigree recall?

my dogs consumed 20# of the recalled pedigree food.i was concerned so i took them to our vet for a checkup to be safe.can mars be held liable for…

ASKED BY Member 744181 on 9/29/08
TAGGED recall, vetbill, liability IN Laws & Legislation