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I wanted to know if it is illegal to bring your dog over to someone elses house for them to dogsit (free) when they have?

i bring my dog to my boyfriends he is constantly with me... we just got served a fine because he is there too "often"? they think he lives there…

ASKED BY Member 1131809 on 9/21/12
TAGGED legal, doglaws, sleepingover IN Laws & Legislation

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Dog attacks me and child at different points. Don't want to kill it, but used a non lethal deterant. Am I wrong?

Ok, I live in Oregon, in the city. Since moving to our recient house, I have had to contact animal control several times about Pitbulls running at…

ASKED BY Member 1092770 on 2/16/12
TAGGED pitbull, dog, aggressive, shoot, attack, legal IN Animal Control

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My dog was bitten at the dog park. The owner of the dog that bit mine does not want to pay the bills. What can I do?

My 11 month old red heeler was bitten by a german shepherd at the dog park. She ended up needing surgery to close the wound. My dog did nothing to…

ASKED BY Member 1070588 on 11/14/11
TAGGED dogbite, legal, bite, dogpark IN Other Laws & Legislation

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Is it legal, to shoot your dogs and take pictures of their body? I find it disgusting and serial killer-ish?

I found out recently that my boyfriends step dad took pictures of their family dogs after he shot them, I want to know if that is even legal. They had…

ASKED BY Member 1065437 on 10/22/11
TAGGED shot, legal, pictures IN Laws & Legislation

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Is it legal for a neighbor to hold fund raising events with a non profit status, if they don't actually have any rescues?

They use the donations to pay the food and vet bills for their family pets which are not up for adoption. I think it is deceitful but is there someone…

ASKED BY Member 1065065 on 10/20/11
TAGGED illegaluseofnonprofitstatuswhocanireportthisto IN Shelters & Rescue

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Is it legal for people to breed dogs in Los Angeles?

I just learned that my neighbor is breeding dogs. I know they had four dogs before, but now there are more. I adore dogs but these are not being…

ASKED BY Member 908047 on 11/3/09
TAGGED breeding, residential, dogs, moaning, report, legal, neglect IN Animal Welfare

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Ex-dog owner took back dog she abandoned . . . . 9 months later! Please advise?

We were given a dog "Marley" by a neighbor. He was her sons who was in jail. Marley was taken to a shelter after neighbors called police about an…

ASKED BY Member 872682 on 8/31/09
TAGGED abandoment, laws, legal, license IN Animal Welfare

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Will you help boycott the Eagles football team, which just hired Michael Vick?

Michael Vick who served time for illegal dog fighting. I would like to would you?

ASKED BY Member 857182 on 8/16/09
TAGGED dogfighting, dogs, michaelvick, illegal, law, boycott, football IN Other Laws & Legislation

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