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14 month old boxer, still no heat?

i have a 14 month old boxer gal, who still has not gone into heat! i was waiting for her to have her first heat before i had her spayed, but went…

ASKED BY Member 1213353 on 2/26/14
TAGGED boxer, heat, female, cleftpalate IN Dogs and a Clean Home


My dog Lulu has a red spot or a red thing on her left ear, anybody knows what is that and what should i do?

My dog has a red scar or a red thing that looks like blood on her left eye, what is that and what should I do?

ASKED BY Lulu on 9/5/13
TAGGED health, eye, left, help, answer, vet IN Health & Wellness

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How do you keep a house dog from tereing up the house when she is home alone?

she was a drop off she is well behaved when someone is there when everyone leaves its like she is trying to get out

ASKED BY Member 1154536 on 2/10/13
TAGGED leftalonetearsupstuff IN Separation Anxiety


What should I do if my dogs leg is hurt the vet is out?

My dog Mya was running and triped and landed funny on her back left leg. now she wont walk on it or put pressure on it but she will walk on the…

ASKED BY Mya on 10/17/12
TAGGED dog, hurt, back, left, paw, please, help, woof IN Exercise


What is the best way to separate from your best dog friend when leaving overseas?

My daughter and her lab are best buddies. Soon she will graduate from college and go to graduate school overseas. Hercules will stay with me and she…

ASKED BY Hercules on 4/29/12
TAGGED separate, longtrips, leftbehind IN Behavior & Training

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Why is my dog not putting weight on his back left leg?

I have a 1 yr old non-fixed male dachshund and when he woke from a nap I noticed he wasn't putting weight on his back left leg. I walked him earlier…

ASKED BY Member 1018127 on 1/5/11
TAGGED backleftlegmaleoneyearyrolddaschundcantputweightpressureonleg IN Health & Wellness


Whats in my dogs eye?

theirs somthing in my dogs eye.. in her left eye in the corner of her eye its like a peice of transparent skin or somthing in her eye.. i would…

ASKED BY Schnucki on 8/20/10
TAGGED eye, dog, help, quick, left, eye, skin IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why does my dog circle only left? She greets all by circling left. We can not get her to circle right. Tried treats etc?

She has no health problems I believe it is just her but this is for a Science Fair for the Long Beach Schools Our 8 yr. old granddaughter is doing the…

ASKED BY Member 975829 on 3/20/10
TAGGED dogscirclingleft IN Behavior & Training

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