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Breathing issues, neck spasms and weight loss. What is wrong with my dog?

Wiley, is a 14 yr old JRT . We went to the vet for some tummy trouble 3 weeks ago. He had vomited one time and had a small amount of blood in his…

ASKED BY Member 1245189 on 4/14/15
TAGGED health, seizures, laboredbreathing, musclespasms IN Illness & Disease

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Is black cohoch a safe and efficient method for herbal induced abortion for my dog?

I have a 9 month old pup in her 1st heat who mated with her father! We have 2 concerns: Deformities from inbreeding,and her size and age. Shes still…

ASKED BY Member 1197595 on 11/4/13
TAGGED mate, accidentalmate, puppy, pregnant, youngpregnancy, abortion, herbalabortion, inbreed, heat, heatcycle, safe, dangerous IN Pregnancy

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HELP!!! My Mini Dachshund may have bred with a Sheltie?

FIRST off let me state that I do plan to take her to the Vet to determine if she is in fact pregnant... But I'm not going to be able to sleep…

ASKED BY Member 1179374 on 7/9/13
TAGGED miniaturedachshund, sheltie, shetlandsheepdog, pregnancy, birth, puppiestoobig, pregnancies, labor, spay, abortion, csection, cessariansection IN Health & Wellness

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How long after the mucus plug drops does the dog go into labor and then have her puppies?

She is a pug/beagle mix

ASKED BY Member 974473 on 3/16/10
TAGGED mucusplug, labor, puppies IN Health & Safety


How to know when labor is begining?

So almost 2 months ago we adopted our beautiful Saint Athena, well we found out shes pregnant! I swear she should have had these pups already...but…

ASKED BY Athena on 1/23/10
TAGGED labor, birth, puppies IN Puppies

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My dog is acting better but breathing is labored?

my one dog got sick and took five days to recover now my lab has been sick and another 5 days and she is acting better but her breathing is labored…

ASKED BY Member 842349 on 6/2/09
TAGGED laboredbreathing IN Health & Wellness

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My dog is in labor with her first litter, any suggestions?

My chihuahua is in labor with her first litter, we have researched a lot, I'm just looking for as much first hand knowledge of whelping as I can get…

ASKED BY Member 816603 on 3/17/09
TAGGED puppies, labor, whelping IN Answers

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Our 4 day old puppy has labored breeding. What should we do. It has been examined by a vet, lungs are clear?

lungs are clear, heart no mumur (though hard to tell on such a small heart) puppy is nursing for shorter periods than other pups, gaining weight…

ASKED BY Member 810174 on 3/1/09
TAGGED laboredbreathing IN Illness & Disease

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