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My dog is a psycho.…

Maybe not a psycho, but I really needed our attention. My dog is Petey, he is about 1.5 y/o lab/collie/pit mix. He has many behavioral issues from…

ASKED BY Petey on 7/28/15
TAGGED aggression, territorial, psycho IN Aggression


How big will my rottweiler mix get?

Hi my pup is mixed with rottweiler and pitbull ( i think the pitbull is mixed she looks mixed in my opinion but they say she full pit ) my question is…

ASKED BY Midnight on 7/25/15
TAGGED breed, growth, fur, rottweilier, pitbull, pitweiler, puppy IN Breeds

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Will my pitt/rotti mix grow as big as a rotti?

Hi I recently got a pitt/rotti mix (though i cnt see the pit in her) i love her but i've been getting some crap about her lookin like a mongrel my…

ASKED BY Member 1249603 on 7/23/15
TAGGED breed, rotti, pittbull, pitweiler, puppy, grow, rottweiler IN Breeds

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What do I do about my dog??? I found dry blood in his lower back, base of his tail and hind leg?

Me and my mom are worries about my pup he's 11 and a half months and doesn't have his shots yet. She is a single parent with 3 boys and I only…

ASKED BY Member 1249597 on 7/22/15
TAGGED skin, blood, fleas, tail, back, biting, itching, help IN Skin Problems

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Is there a way to change aggressive behavior?

I have recently adopted a hound mix named Charlie. A coworker of mine was fostering him and before I adopted him she made it clear that he was kind of…

ASKED BY Member 1249571 on 7/22/15
TAGGED aggressivebehavior, biting IN Behavior & Training

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Something is sticking out of my dog's skin?

One day my toy poodle suddenly had a long, skin-coloured thing jutting out of his skin on his back. It was near his neck, in the same direction as the…

ASKED BY Member 1249420 on 7/17/15
TAGGED tick, wart, skin, toypoodle, unknown, parasite IN Skin Problems


Calling Owners of Active Dogs! (Agility, Treiiball, Frisbee, Hiking, etc.)?

What brand of dog food do you feed your ADULT, ACTIVE dog? Looking for good quality that will supple enough Protein/Fat/Carbs, etc for our dog…

ASKED BY Beasley on 7/13/15
TAGGED food, competition, agility, hiking, active, dog, nutrition IN Food & Nutrition


Poodle/Berner mix pup randomly bites, lunges, growls. Why?

He is a great pup most the time, passed puppy kindergarden, but he has these random fits where he lunges and growls and bites. It has only happens…

ASKED BY Tuck on 7/10/15
TAGGED random, dog, puppy, bites, biting, growls, growling, snarl, snarling, bernedoodle, wontwalk, walks, plops, pancakes, behavior, training IN Behavior & Training

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