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13 yr old female Golden. 8 yr old un neutered Golden; have had him 1 year. He's at her butt 24/7; she's annoyed?

I need to make her last few months enjoyable; she's lost her lifelong mate of 12 years; a week ago. The 8 yr old, I adopted from my exhub a year…

ASKED BY Member 1205758 on 12/24/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, sniffing, butt, unneutered, aging, incontinence IN Aggression

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My 2.5 year old Jack Russell seems to have become incontinent?

I have a 2.5 year old female Miniature Jack Russell - she was house trained from being a puppy and there were no problems. In the last 8 weeks she has…

ASKED BY Member 1192681 on 10/3/13
TAGGED jackrussell, incontinence, accidents IN Health & Wellness


Spay incontinence?

My dog was spayed two years ago. Recently I've noticed that she leaks urine when laying down. She doesn't "go" in the house in a traditional way, just…

ASKED BY Libby on 5/2/13
TAGGED incontinence, urinarytractinfection, piddlepuddle IN Other Health & Wellness

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Three year old female sheltie with incontinence and behavioral issues. We need advice on fixing these habits?

Not sure what to do with our 3 year old female sheltie with urinary issues. Our dog has had what seems like incontinence issues since she was a…

ASKED BY Member 1157974 on 3/4/13
TAGGED urinaryincontinence, distracted, neurotic, sheltie IN Behavior & Training


4 month old female heeler starting to have incontinence again?

She is not spayed, and we have had a urine sample tested already. This didn't start until day 4 of our week long drive back home from IL. Vet said her…

ASKED BY Mae on 12/11/12
TAGGED incontinence, puppy IN Behavior & Training

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I have an 8 year old male Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a urination problem?

Today on his walks we noticed that he seemed to be dripping urine instead of a steady stream (as he usual produces). He penis was erect the entire…

ASKED BY Member 1131903 on 9/21/12
TAGGED urination, incontinence, bladder IN Health & Wellness

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Pomeranian with seizures incontinence paralyzed and vomitting?

My dog pika will be two this summer and at the end of last year se began to have what I think as seizures. She gets nervous her legs shake and then…

ASKED BY Member 1115023 on 6/10/12
TAGGED seizures, tumor, hyperglycemia, incontinence IN Illness & Disease

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