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If any one intrested for dog collars. Kobi Collars is here for custom made handcrafted designer leather dog collars?

There are varied types of leather dog collars accessories and they are specifically designed to recognize the evolution of fashion over the years…

ASKED BY Member 1245205 1 day, 1 hour ago
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How to make home made dog food for a yellow lab and how do you train a year old yellow lab the best way?

How to stop a yellow lab from digging

ASKED BY dippy 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED diggingholes IN Digging


My dog doesn't back down to bullies (not bulldogs, but 'mean' dogs)?

14 mo. old male Pem. Corgi x Chihuaha, neutered. I've not seen him possessive of toys with other dogs, but he does like to play…

ASKED BY Pixel 1 week, 3 days ago
TAGGED bullies, fighting IN Other Behavior & Training

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Is my Kelpie/Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) puppy small for his age? 6.4Lbs (2.9kg) - 11 weeks old?

The vet says he's healthy, but I'm still wondering if he's small for his age. I've seen the growth charts, and I know every puppy is different, but…

ASKED BY Member 1244516 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED kelpieheeleraustralianshepherdpuppyweightgrowthrateage IN Health & Safety

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I was wondering how to get a big, chubby elderly dog to get more excerise and to get healthy again?

So my dog is 13/12 years old and has gotten very..saggy over the years. We want him to lose more weight but safley because he has had medical problems…

ASKED BY Member 1242699 on 2/20/15
TAGGED weight, exercise, health IN Health & Wellness

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Cali has what looks like a skin tag, just need some clarification?

Ok so she's had this thing growing on her leg for awhile now. It started out really small and it's been slow growing. It protrudes from her actually…

ASKED BY California's Finest on 1/30/15
TAGGED skintag, malignant, benign, skindisease IN Skin Problems


Is 17lbs too small?

my olde enlglish bulldogge was 12wks on 01/24 i took to vet he was 17 lbs two wks previous he was 10.9 so yea from 10.9 to 17 lbs in two weeks is that…

ASKED BY xBRUTUSx on 1/28/15
TAGGED weight, lbs, oeb, old, english, bulldog, bulldogge IN Other Health & Wellness

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My female yorkie (3 yrs) and female poodle (9 years) do NOT get along- when they fight, it's for the death…

Nothing can stop them- the yorkie provokes each fight- yesterday's ended in emergency vet visit w poodle needing stitches, probing, tubes, collar- she…

ASKED BY Member 1241396 on 1/24/15
TAGGED vicious, bite, bites, surgery, euthanasia, yorkie, fight, dominance IN Behavior & Training

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