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Weight of my 8 week belgian malinois puppy concerns me?

Ok so I've been planning on getting this malinois pup that turns 8 weeks dec 17. I asked the breeder to weigh him for me and as of today he weighs…

ASKED BY Member 1239013 1 week ago
TAGGED belgian, malinois, puppy, weight IN Breeds


Why do people dog fight?

I have known people can be cruel to animals for a while, but I am learning more and more about dog fighting, greyhound racing, and other forms of…

ASKED BY Hatchi 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED dogfighting, cruelty IN Shelters & Rescue

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My dogs are fighting around my nieces?

I have two dogs, one 9 year old lab and one 6 year old great dane lab mix. They have been getting in pretty bad fights around my nieces and they are…

ASKED BY Member 1238389 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED fighting, children IN Aggression

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My pet dogs seriously fighting to attack each other, why is this happening?

I have a Labrador 5 years old male, German Shepherd 1n1/2 year old Male and Daschund of 1n1/2 year old Male. all the dogs are house owned by us…

ASKED BY Member 1237037 on 11/7/14
TAGGED germanshepherd, labrador, aggression, serious, fighting, attacking IN Aggression

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Why does my 8 week old Shih poo keep digging on my lap?

He's such a fun, loving, energetic playful pup just like most, he loves snuggling into me and having cuddles, but when he's on my lap, he digs (to put…

ASKED BY Member 1236694 on 11/2/14
TAGGED digging, puppy, weeks, shihpoo IN Behavior & Training

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My 9 Year-Old Miniature Poodle with Addison's Disease Is Now Having Additional Problems?

I have a miniature poodle that is 9 years old. She was having problems a few years ago, and after many vet visits, she was finally diagnosed with…

ASKED BY Member 1235839 on 10/17/14
TAGGED diabetes, addisons, dislocatedhip, cataracts, medication, poodle, minature, weightloss, blind IN Health & Wellness

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Can people help us start an animal sanctuary business?

My 17 year old daughter and I, along with an American friend, are trying to start a business creating unique collectable animal figurines with the…

ASKED BY Member 1235239 on 10/6/14
TAGGED figurines, sanctuary, adoption, crowdfunding, kickstarter IN Pet Products


Why is my Shiba's red markings so "faded"? Could it be related to her blowing her coat?

Hi! I recently rescued a darling Shiba, but immediately noticed that the red color most Shibas have was light on her. She's not a cream shiba, the red…

ASKED BY Hatsumomo on 9/25/14
TAGGED shiba, color, shedding, blowingcoat, faded, light, markings IN Other Grooming

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