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Animal Palace STUPIDLY shaved my 2 year old American Eskimo Toy. How long before her hair grows back?

I would never have voluntarily cut my American Eskimo Toy. I requested to cut 1" and they shaved my dog. Now, I am so worried how long it is going…

ASKED BY Member 1242132 on 2/8/15
TAGGED shave, americaneskimotoy, eskie, hairgrowth, howlong IN Grooming

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How long can you crate a puppy for?

I was just curious. Can you leave it for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours? Also, does it depend on age?

ASKED BY Member 1035259 on 6/6/11
TAGGED cratetrainingpuppieshowlongcantheybeinthere IN Other Puppies

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How long should specky live?

i want to know how long my dog specky should live he is a border collie/dalmatian/blue heeler mix.he has some dental issues and breaths weirds,limps…

ASKED BY Member 824516 on 4/17/09
TAGGED howlongismydogspeckygoingtolive IN Senior Pet

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How long does a newborn puppy have to be with it's mother, if your planning to give it away?

My couzin has two dogs and one s in heat right now and I'm planning to get a puppy when she delivers. The girl is named Rizzo, Boston Terrier, and the…

ASKED BY Member 823738 on 4/6/09
TAGGED mothering, howlong IN Health & Safety

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My 13 week old pit bull terrier started showing signs of parvo 6 days ago. We took her to the vet and he gave us an?

anitbiotic, next step i.v., we just don't have the money for that. For the past six days I have been syringing antibiotic, pedialyte, colloidal…

ASKED BY Member 764434 on 11/7/08
TAGGED parvo, howlong, stages IN Illness & Disease

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