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Newly adopted dog leaving us "presents" in the hall while we are home with him?

We recently adopted a five year old dog about two weeks ago from the humane society. He has been almost perfect as he adjusts to our new home…

ASKED BY Member 1228978 on 6/24/14
TAGGED pottytraining, housesoiling, training, behavior IN House Soiling

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I cant break my rescue pup of some bad habits! She came from an abusive horder so she needs serious help?

About two years ago my husband and I adopted a rescue pup, she is a schnoodle (I think). She never saw the light of day until she was a year old…

ASKED BY Member 1185141 on 8/11/13
TAGGED housesoiling, rescuedog, abused, pottytraining, timid, fearful, regression IN House Soiling


My dog refuses to poo outside. Any advice?

I have a 2-ish rescue dog in an apartment setting. He's around 35 lb. We go outside for potties and walks, and he's happy to pee outside (lots), but…

ASKED BY Balthazar on 6/11/13
TAGGED poop, potty, housesoiling IN House Soiling


10 month old pomeranian still poops inside?

Hi! I have a 10 month old male pomeranian that stil poops inside. He never pees inside though, so that one he has figured out. Why does he separate…

ASKED BY Mozart on 1/17/13
TAGGED housesoiling, housebreaking, pomeranian IN House Soiling

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Recently adopted housebroken 7 month old pup has started pooping in the house?

We adopted a 7 month old schnoodle three weeks ago. He's never pooped or peed inside except last night and this morning, he made big poops on the…

ASKED BY Member 1129395 on 9/5/12
TAGGED housesoiling, pooping IN Behavior & Training

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Potty Training a chihuahua?

I have an eleven year old Chihuahua and I got him when he was about three. He. I don't think he was ever really potty trained, even though he does…

ASKED BY Member 1124227 on 8/5/12
TAGGED training, soiling, chihuahuas, olderdogs, peeing, housesoiling IN House Soiling

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Why does my Boston Terrier hold her potty until she gets back inside?

i have a 1.5-2 y/o BT that i got from a rescue. she was a puppy mil dog. she is amazing and active. curious as any dog but she will NOT go potty…

ASKED BY Member 1094328 on 2/22/12
TAGGED housesoiling IN House Soiling

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Why does my "chiweenie" appear to be nursing from stuffed dogs and whine? He is almost a year old?

We bought him when he was nine weeks old. He will chew up anything he can get his mouth on. But he only appears to nurse and whine with the…

ASKED BY Member 1089493 on 2/3/12
TAGGED coprophagy, toys, housesoiling IN Chewing

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