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Our 4 legged family member started chemo 4 Lymphoma today. Can I, and its beneficial to also apply holistic approaches?

We found out Sat. that our "Angel" has Lymphoma. Here it is Tues and we are now one chemo treatment in. Things are moving way to fast. I am not fond…

ASKED BY Member 1197785 on 11/5/13
TAGGED cancer, lymphoma, holistic, chemo IN The Dogster Website


Herbal cough and congestion?

I use broncolin for myself when Im congested and coughing would it be safe for drake? Its an herbal honey based cough suppression. So far with my…

ASKED BY Drake on 11/7/12
TAGGED cough, medications, holistic IN Medications

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What is the best food to feed an Akita puppy?

There is so much conflicting information on this subject and I am unsure which food to choose. She is 11 weeks old and was being fed Pedigree Puppy…

ASKED BY Member 1113482 on 5/31/12
TAGGED food, akita, holistic, protein, canidae, puppy, protien IN Food & Nutrition

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My white min.schnauzer has developed red-brown eye, mouth, and genital stains. He never had this before I changed food?

I recently changed my 2 mini schnauzers from Halo to Wilderness food. they had got to the point that they were turning up their noses at the halo. I…

ASKED BY Mister Jones on 4/4/12
TAGGED holisticfood, mouthstains, highproteindiets, schnauzerskin, constipation IN Health & Wellness


How long does it take for natural flea remedies to start repelling fleas?

I've been giving my dogs garlic/yeast tablets and adding apple cider vinegar to their water for a couple of weeks now, I'm just wondering how long…

ASKED BY Lilly on 7/11/11
TAGGED fleas, holistic, natural IN Health & Wellness

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Which dog food brand is best? Pinnacle or earthborn holistic (small breed)?

earthborn holistic also seems good but i was wondering what you guys think is best

ASKED BY Member 971059 on 4/6/10
TAGGED earthbornholistic, pinnacle, dog, food IN Food & Nutrition


What kind of positive changes have you noticed in your dog after switching him to all natural kibble?

My new vet reccmended I switch from iams and SD to California natural's simple herring and sweet potato dry and canned food, because she thought the…

ASKED BY Manchuko on 7/21/09
TAGGED natural, holistic, dog, food IN Pet Food

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