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My dog can't get up or walk?

Hi, My dog Charlie started walking real slow right after his surgery when he swallowed an underwear. At first we thought it was the stitches but then…

ASKED BY Member 1182854 on 7/28/13
TAGGED hindlegs, neurology, obstructionsurgery, cantgetup, cantpoop, cantwalk IN Health & Wellness

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Is my Chihuahua losing use of her hind legs?

My Chihuahua is 12 years old and recently I have noticed she occasionally has trouble walking on her hind legs. Sometimes she loses balance on them…

ASKED BY Member 1165211 on 4/15/13
TAGGED obesity, oldage, hindlegs IN Health & Wellness

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Why is my black lab unsteady on all 4 legs? (her arthritis is minimal)?

My dog is a black lab, 10 years old, and weighs 77 lbs. She has been showing unsteadiness and weakness in all four legs. She is unable to support…

ASKED BY Member 1126362 on 8/18/12
TAGGED hindlegs, frontlegs, unsteady, tired, unresponsive, sad IN Health & Wellness

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4 months lab ,he slips too much on the floor and is parting his hind legs even his paws are not facing in the front…

i have seen a vet , he is giving him injections of caldipet and says that it is calcium deficiency.. i am giving him two tablets of calcium each day.

ASKED BY Member 1113474 on 5/31/12
TAGGED labrador, hindlegproblems, calciumdeficient IN Health & Wellness

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My 2 yr old chug is just not beingable to get up,front legs are fine....hind legs just wont work.she usually follows me?

she follows me all over but looks at me longingly and just sits.....doesnt seem to be in pain and is sleeping next to me rightnow.....this happened…

ASKED BY Member 1110879 on 5/15/12
TAGGED chug, hindlegs IN Health & Wellness

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Why is my dog limping after getting spayed?

I got my 9 month old Chihuahua spayed last Tuesday (march 6th) and once she started getting up and around the next day or two, I noticed that she will…

ASKED BY Member 1099003 on 3/11/12
TAGGED spay, limping, chihuahua, surgery, hindleg, injury, spaying IN Spaying & Neutering

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My Bernese Mountain Dog has weak hind legs after coming back from being washed. WHat could be wrong with him?

I took my bernees mountain dog to be washed. When I droped him off he was happy and jumpy but then when I went to pick him up he was withdrawn and…

ASKED BY Member 1060652 on 10/2/11
TAGGED weakhindlegs IN Other Health & Wellness

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