I'm scared and confused?

Hi. My male GSD mix is about 7 years old (don't know for sure, adopted him from the street)and I've been thinking about neutering him ever since I…

ASKED BY Felix on 5/11/15
TAGGED neutering, health, older IN Spaying & Neutering

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The long term effects of keeping a dog in a cage all day?

My boyfriend's parents (they live in Japan) have two dogs and six cats. One of the dogs is a toy poodle with free range of the house. The other is a…

ASKED BY Member 1246107 on 5/3/15
TAGGED cage, mentalhealth, bigdog, abuse, help IN Socialization


My puppy is having bladder issues what else can I do?

I am new to having a standard poodle!! She is only 14 weeks and is so amazing and adorable, but she is having bladder issues. I took her to the vet…

ASKED BY Kataleena on 4/27/15
TAGGED bladder, puppy, health, diet, poodle IN Puppies

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Breathing issues, neck spasms and weight loss. What is wrong with my dog?

Wiley, is a 14 yr old JRT . We went to the vet for some tummy trouble 3 weeks ago. He had vomited one time and had a small amount of blood in his…

ASKED BY Member 1245189 on 4/14/15
TAGGED health, seizures, laboredbreathing, musclespasms IN Illness & Disease

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My wife and I found a little, tiny, helpless chihuahua mix. He had been abandoned and left to die by the evil people w?

How do I get him to eat? We bought him milk replacer plus. is that the right kind? Help us please we are in love with our little guy.

ASKED BY Member 1244913 on 4/9/15
TAGGED food, puppies, breeds, health IN Food & Nutrition

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Is there an alternative to a collar for indoors?

I recently returned a wandering dog to its owners with the phone number on its collar. My dog hasn't worn a collar for a long time since his trachea…

ASKED BY Member 1244455 on 3/29/15
TAGGED health IN Collars & Leashes


Akita's sensitive to anesthesia?

My 5 year old male Akita need's a op to repair his knee due to cruciate disease, im a little worried as ive heard Akita's are sensitive to…

ASKED BY Keiko on 3/26/15
TAGGED joints, health, performance IN Akita

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My dogs health gets worse and worse. His head shrank near the ears, and his left leg is very hardly moving. Is there any?

Have seen a vet, but my country's vets are not very good :/. The prescribed him some medicine, but his health didnt seem to increase.Breed : Jack…

ASKED BY Member 1244046 on 3/20/15
TAGGED jackrussel, health, leg IN Illness & Disease

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