What is head splitting / skull splitting? And when does it happen in the Dogue De Bordeaux breed?

We were at group training class and the trainer asked "How old is he now?" then followed with "Oh, his head should be splitting soon." What is head…

ASKED BY Empereur 2 days, 23 hours ago
TAGGED split, splitting, skull, head, growth, widen, broaden IN Dogue de Bordeaux

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Our 14 yr old Bichon has either been laying with her head facing a corner or under furniture - does anyone know why she?

She also has been following us around the house all the time. She used to just sleep all day on the couch.

ASKED BY Member 1188320 on 9/3/13
TAGGED headhiding, followingaround IN Health & Wellness


6 yr old male pug in pain?

6 yr old male pug experiencing stiffness unwilling to jump up or down, cant pass my hand by his left eye without him flinching, he yips or whimpers…

ASKED BY Jabba on 7/27/13
TAGGED pug, male, pain, stiff, headshake, yip, eye IN Other Health & Wellness

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What are the Halti head collar sizes?

I want to know the sizes of the Halti head collars in terms of what size muzzle (circumference) will which number size fit? I have a mix dog and I…

ASKED BY Member 1165395 on 4/16/13
TAGGED haltiheadcollarsizes IN Collars & Leashes

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What is causing my dogs nightly head shaking episodes?

if anyone has experienced this I'd be eternally grateful for a response - vet can't come till Tuesday. Dog is 13, has had vestibular disease…

ASKED BY Member 1151927 on 1/26/13
TAGGED headshaking IN Health & Wellness

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My dog coughs/hacks while jerking head forward like something is stuck in throat. Any ideas?

He will cough/hack like he sometimes does when he has eaten grass and it is stuck in his throat or bothering him. But when he has these "episodes…

ASKED BY Member 1151853 on 1/25/13
TAGGED hacking, headjerking, hairstuckinthroat IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my dog rub his face on the carpet 3x before eating his dog food?

After taking his dog food from the bowl to the carpet, my dog rubs his head on the carpet 3x before he eats. He has some anxiety issues and other…

ASKED BY Member 1144895 on 12/12/12
TAGGED food, carpet, head, anxiety, nervous IN Behavior & Training

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