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My 13 month old Lahso apso band comes aggressive very easily?

We have had our dog for 1 week now, bought him from a woman who says she was unable to care for him properly due to ill health, most of the time he is…

ASKED BY Member 1246927 on 5/20/15
TAGGED lyingcomfartbly, removingthingsfromhimthatheshouldnthave IN Aggression

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Animal Palace STUPIDLY shaved my 2 year old American Eskimo Toy. How long before her hair grows back?

I would never have voluntarily cut my American Eskimo Toy. I requested to cut 1" and they shaved my dog. Now, I am so worried how long it is going…

ASKED BY Member 1242132 on 2/8/15
TAGGED shave, americaneskimotoy, eskie, hairgrowth, howlong IN Grooming

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My Havanese has started peeing and pooping in the house after a visit to the groomers. What could be the cause?

I took her to the vet, she's had all tests, all shots and nothing's wrong illness wise. I spayed and potty-trained her as a puppy 4 years ago and…

ASKED BY Member 1216878 on 3/19/14
TAGGED anxiety, behavior, pee, poop, pottytrain, dog, accidents, actingout, groomer, startedpeeinginthehouse, poopinginthehouse, havanese, grooming, shaved IN Behavior & Training

Duchess 7/21/03-1/14/12 Love U

In light of Dogster closing the community, can someone please advise how to save pics and diary entries?

I would like to save my pics and diary entries once Dogster shuts the community down.

ASKED BY Duchess 7/21/03-1/14/12 Love U on 1/21/14
TAGGED howdoyouhavepicsanddiaryentries IN News & Events

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At what age does a chiwawa have her first cycle?

I was given a Chiwawa puppy, but no idea of her age. She started her first cycle 7 days ago. How old is she?

ASKED BY Member 1184857 on 8/9/13
TAGGED atwhatagedoesthechiwawahaveherfirstcycle IN Health & Safety

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My Husky / Border Collie mix was shaved at the shelter before we adopted him, will it grow back?

We just adopted a Husky / Border Collie mix that was shaved at the shelter/rescue he was at because he was a stray and they wanted to make sure he…

ASKED BY Member 1175809 on 6/17/13
TAGGED husky, bordercollie, collie, coat, fur, shaved, shave IN Home Grooming

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Does shaving down a dog cause extreme personality change?

male maltese shaved down for the first time. Afterwards, he just sits, will not play with his toys and has lost his personality. Always seems…

ASKED BY Member 1147658 on 1/1/13
TAGGED shavedown, fear, personality IN Fears & Phobias

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How do I put 1 dog on diet with 2 dogs? They have both been free fed for 3 years. I don't know ideal weight cuz mixed?

After 3 years, my rescued Mom and Daughter mixed breed dog have been free fed. Now daughter weighs 100 pounds and eats whenever Mom allows her to…

ASKED BY Member 1143457 on 12/3/12
TAGGED putonedogondietwhenhavebeenfreefed IN Food & Nutrition

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