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My dog has been violently scratching her face constantly, to the point of hairloss. What is wrong with her? :'(?

She's a 15 year old scottish terrier, spayed, and recently had her first (and only as far as we know) seizure back in April. She has liver problems…

ASKED BY Member 1247756 on 6/7/15
TAGGED itching, scratching, liver, liverdisease, scottish, terrier, scottishterrier, dog, skin, hairloss, fur, beard IN Illness & Disease

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Growths on his back by his tail, hair loss and weight loss?

Our 9 yr old lab/great dane is losing weight, and hair, and has several growths just above his tail .

ASKED BY Member 1240263 on 1/6/15
TAGGED growths, weightloss, hairloss IN Illness & Disease


I cannot eat high quality foods?

Hi, my name is Punky and I am a very sensitive Boxer/Pit mix. My mommy has tried many different high end foods to deal with my allergies, and turns…

ASKED BY Punkin on 3/23/13
TAGGED purinaone, allergies, hairloss IN Pet Food

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I have a 4 yr old Lab named Dumbo he is having some hair loss on his back end (sides, clumps) he also has very bad breat?

we used hartz flea spray and shampoo on his a couple of weeks ago he didn't have any issues until now not sure if its the hartz or not

ASKED BY Member 1143641 on 12/4/12
TAGGED hairloss, weakness, badbreathe, hartz IN Illness & Disease

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My Pitbull has a bumpy rash?

My 10 year old Pitbull has a bumpy red rash like thing on his back outer leg. It's flaky and the hair around and by the red part is gone. My mom…

ASKED BY Member 1137257 on 10/23/12
TAGGED pitbull, rash, mange, bumpy, red, flaky, hairloss IN Skin Problems

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Gsd with hair loss?

I have a 7 week old german shepherd who chewed her tail and feet before we bought her. The breeder said she had fleas and was dipped. The fur on her…

ASKED BY Member 1132800 on 9/26/12
TAGGED germanshepherd, skin, hairloss IN Health & Wellness

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My puppy is losing her hair?

I have a yorkie maltese mix puppy. The first picture I got of her she had a lot of hair, the day I picked her up she had less and now to weeks later…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 9/14/12
TAGGED hairloss, puppy, giardia IN Shedding

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H E L P! My 8 year old dog has been having skin/coat problems. Flaky, dry skin and hair loss?

click the links to see pictures. his top view, back. there are many patches thoroughly inspecting the…

ASKED BY Member 1118069 on 6/28/12
TAGGED skin, hairloss, flakyskin IN Skin Problems

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