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Very long flight with a small mexican hairless.. impossible?

I am thinking about moving from the US to Argentina and I want to take my 13 lb, 3 year-old mexican hairless with me. The shortest travel time I could…

ASKED BY Member 1132083 on 9/23/12
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I recently switched my dogs food grain free. she is a Chinese crested and her hair what little she has is thinning out?

My dog Evie has grain free food because she was having diarrhea with the brand of food that we had tried. The reason why I think its an allergy is…

ASKED BY Member 1099923 on 3/14/12
TAGGED isfrizzyfurrelatedtodietchinesecrestedhairless IN Allergies

Jasper Avery

I have a Hairless Chihuahua with skin problems. He has blackheads and gets pustules. Steriods help. Any suggestions?

When the vet gives him antibiotics and steriods, he clears up for a few days. Does anyone have any suggetions? He eats raw and loves to bathe.

ASKED BY Jasper Avery on 11/11/11
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3 month old shiffon with dry grayish skin behind right ear,what is it? treatment?

no hair on patch of dry skin, doesnt seem to bother the dog, he seems very happy and eager. had a bout of kennel cough and is still on antibiotic for…

ASKED BY Member 1025081 on 2/28/11
TAGGED dry, gray, hairless IN Health & Wellness

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Lotion for a hairless Chinese Crested?

Does any one recommend a lotion for a hairless Chinese Crested to keep his skin soft?

ASKED BY Member 811459 on 3/4/09
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Skin under the neck is bumpy, hairless and smelly?

My medium-haired golden retriever mix has had skin problems on his neck for some time. It doesn't seeme to really bother him, but the skin is black…

ASKED BY Member 769732 on 11/18/08
TAGGED skin, black, bumps, smell, hairless IN Skin Problems