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Doggie dorrs for Italian Greyhounds while at work or crate or confine to large bathroom?

Want to be able to let my Italian Greyhound go in and out during the day while I am at work. I will have another 16 year old dog in the house as…

ASKED BY Member 1225029 on 5/5/14
TAGGED italiangreyhound, crate, doggiedoor IN Behavior & Training


What breed is my dog, Azar?

He is 4.5 months old and 25 pounds, they said he was a Catahoula and Hound mix at the shelter. His ears are rosed like a greyhound but they are…

ASKED BY Azar on 10/30/13
TAGGED breed, catahoula, pitt, greyhound IN Breeds

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My dog may have ingested a small amount of neosporin. She is a 20 italian greyhound. She seems to be acting fine?

I gave her some yogurt. is there anything else I need to do?

ASKED BY Member 1187270 on 8/26/13
TAGGED italiangreyhound, neosporin, ingest IN Emergencies & First Aid

Pepper Pots

I'm about to post more pictures of pepper, but I really believe she is a greyhound. Does she seem like a greyhound to an?

We adopted pepper from a greyhound rescue and they put her breed as unknown. Well she is 8 weeks old or so and weighs about ten to fifteen pounds. She…

ASKED BY Pepper Pots on 8/15/13
TAGGED unknownbreed, greyhound IN Greyhound


Feeling helpless w/ an adult greyhound having accidents in the house. Help?

I adopted a 3.5 year old greyhound about 1mo ago. He is a perfect angel. Except for when no one is home. The first couple of days after bringing him…

ASKED BY Etti on 8/4/13
TAGGED crate, adult, greyhound IN House Soiling

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I really want an italian greyhound should i get one ?

Well I´m ready for a dog. and after at least a year of endless research of dog behavious and all kinds of information I decided that i would like…

ASKED BY Member 1149880 on 1/14/13
TAGGED ig, italiangreyhound, italian, breeder IN Puppies

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What breed do you think? I know black lab but with what?

I adopted Titan 3 months ago. He is now 7 months old and a sweety. Im just curious for others opinions as to what he may be. The vet said possibly…

ASKED BY Member 1110751 on 5/14/12
TAGGED blacklabmixedbreedgreyhound IN Mixed Breeds

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Any ideas what my dog might be?

Any ideas of what my dog is? She is 6 months old and 50lbs, 21" tall at the shoulders and is sleek black and tan. Her paws are all webbed. She's…

ASKED BY Member 1108737 on 5/1/12
TAGGED mixedbreedblackandtancoonhoundtreeingwalkercoonhoundterriergreyhoundlabdnatestheinz IN Breeds

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