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Enlarged vulva?

I just adopted Wheaten Terrier from the shelter. She is 2 years old. I think there is something wrong with her vagina/vulva - it's huge! So before I…

ASKED BY Member 1241746 on 1/31/15
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How do I get my Chi to eat wet food?

Kongo saw the vet the other day due to extreme swelling in his throat. His glands were infected and he was prescribed antibiotics, anti…

ASKED BY Kongo on 5/1/14
TAGGED chihuahua, food, swollenglands IN Food & Nutrition

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I purged the anal glands on our dog and now he has foul smelling gas; he jumps up and runs to us post-fart. Help?

Ace is a 5 1/2 year old male pitbull/boxer mix. He has been on some different foods throughout his life (mainly Hill's Science diet, and later Purina…

ASKED BY Member 1202627 on 12/3/13
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What do I do about dog's leaky anal glands?

Every 1-2 weeks my dog's anal glands start leaking everywhere. She will suddenly jump up, whip her head around, and begin to frantically lick her…

ASKED BY Stella on 7/12/13
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Vet recommends anal gland removal - Can switching food help persistant anal gland infections?

About a month ago, Peppers started scooting and nibbling at her butt. The vet said she did have full anal glands with an infection. He cleared…

ASKED BY Peppers on 3/5/13
TAGGED analglands, infection, wellnesscore, food, foodchange IN Alternative Treatments

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My dog quickly scratches each side of his body then sits and licks his private and his anal opening. Could it be worms?

He did have an anal sac a few weeks after we got him about 6 months ago. It quickly protruded and then popped in a matter of 3 hours. After doing…

ASKED BY Member 1150865 on 1/19/13
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Precious Pup

What are the best options for anal glands that repeatedly rupture?

My Eskie, Precious Pup, has had a problem with her anal glands rupturing despite having them expressed regularly. Fortunately she has not developed…

ASKED BY Precious Pup on 6/21/12
TAGGED rupturedanalglands IN Health & Wellness

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