Have an almost-two year old French Bulldog that isn't 100% housebroken - need advice?

I have an almost-two year old French Bulldog that is still having accidents in the house & in crate. She was doing very well out of her crate so I…

ASKED BY Marlo on 2/3/15
TAGGED housebreaking, accidents, cratetraining, frenchbulldog, coprophagy, soiling, cratecovering IN House Soiling

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I need a muzzle for my French Bulldog. Anyone know a brand that fits?

My Frenchie can get very rough with other dogs and I need a muzzle to start training him. None of the commercially available brands at the pet shop…

ASKED BY Member 1241227 on 1/22/15
TAGGED frenchbulldog, muzzle IN Behavior & Training

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French bulldog food problem?

I have two frenchies - one is 6 months and one is 14 weeks. Theyre food really isnt settling with them I was wondering if anyone can suggest an…

ASKED BY Member 1199747 on 11/16/13
TAGGED frenchbulldog, food, bulldog, help IN Food & Nutrition


How to handle your dogs anxitey?

my french bulldog Boston mix has anxiety i its because when i got him from my sister he was getting bounced around between her house to our parents so…

ASKED BY rocky on 7/17/13
TAGGED anxiety, frenchbulldogbostonmix, frenchtons IN Other Behavior & Training


Has anyone traveled recently and successfully with their French Bulldog on an international flight?

I am traveling from Berlin, Germany to Winnipeg, Canada for a month and debating taking my Frenchie. I am looking for tips to help me finalize my…

ASKED BY Jupiter on 7/16/13
TAGGED frenchbulldogs, airtravel, frenchie, internationaltravel IN Air Travel

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Why is my Frenchie food aggressive towards my younger Frenchie?

Thanks in advance. Our older dog is 5, and the younger is 3.5 yo. The older was fine with food and other dogs when she was younger. We got the…

ASKED BY Member 1142570 on 11/27/12
TAGGED aggression, frenchbulldog, food IN Aggression

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My French bulldog is 5 months and a half. Her poo is normal most of the time but then her stool will get really soft?

Hello. My French bulldog is healthy and happy. She drinks plenty of water and plays and has lots of energy. Sometimes and at random, her stool will be…

ASKED BY Member 1131531 on 9/19/12
TAGGED petfood, stool, soft, frenchbulldog IN Health & Wellness


Could my French Bulldog have ADD?

I rescued a 3 1/2 year old male French Bulldog named Xander five weeks ago. The foster told me that he is deaf. I don't think he's deaf but possibly…

ASKED BY Max on 6/5/12
TAGGED add, attentiondeficitdisorder, deaf, frenchbulldog, behavior, training, learn, train, attentionspan, attention, distracted, overstimulated, hearingimpaired, hearing, impaired, specialneeds IN Other Behavior & Training

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