Dog stealing food. How do I stop it?

My rescued beagle has recently started to jump on chairs and steal food. He is eating what he is supposed to be eating so I don't think he is not…

ASKED BY Hatchi 3 weeks, 2 days ago
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We gave our 8 mo/puppy a Pur Luv Grande Bone, has had diarrhea for 2 days, how do we help him?

We gave our 8 mo/puppy a Pur Luv Grande Bone with peanut butter, also contains, peanuts, flax, honey, now has had diarrhea for 2 full days. We've…

ASKED BY Ruxtin 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED diarrhea, food, sick, chewbones IN Food & Nutrition

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Does my dog need to see a vet?

My chihuahua ate some cooked Canada Wild Goose and started throwing up the next day. He couldn't walk at all for 2 days like he's been paralized…

ASKED BY Member 1241341 on 1/23/15
TAGGED seizures, food, illness IN Homemade Food

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Okay, so I found a stray Lab. Nothing but bones when I found him, now he has gained a little weight but he keeps puking?

I found him in the chicken coupe eating rotten bell peppers Mom wanted to shoot him but I refused. Now he's a great dog but he keeps puking up his…

ASKED BY Member 1241273 on 1/22/15
TAGGED food, vomit, water, puking, aftereating IN Health & Wellness

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My dog refuses to eat unless she sees me put the Food down for her. Any idea why?

She eats just fine as long as Im the one putting it down /and/ she sees it. If someone else try to put the Food down or I do it when she is not in the…

ASKED BY Member 1240840 on 1/15/15
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How can i reduce my border collie's food aggression and OCD habits?

Hello, I have a 2 year old border collie who has been quite troublesome all his life. He runs around constantly in the same circle and has made a…

ASKED BY Pablo on 1/14/15
TAGGED food, aggression, ocd, bordercollie, dominance, workingdog, biting, growling IN Behavior & Training


I'm wanting to change my dogs diets. Does anyone know the cheapest best dog food. I dont have the money to pay for expen?

I have an appointment with my vet for my pup to get her last needles in 3 weeks and I will ask him then but I'm just wondering what you guys think.

ASKED BY Mya on 1/10/15
TAGGED dogfood, food, diet, nutrition, health, advice, help, puppyfood IN Food & Nutrition

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Why does my dog keep knocking over her food/water bowl?

When my dog is pregnant or sick or just doesn't feel right, she knocks over her water bowl or sometimes her food bowl but the latter is rare. No…

ASKED BY Member 1240241 on 1/6/15
TAGGED food, strangebehavior IN Other Behavior & Training

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