Malnourished and refusing to eat?

I recently rescued a dog who is highly malnourished, but the previous owner said he refused to eat. I've tried wet food and dry food and he won't eat…

ASKED BY Hammer 1 week, 3 days ago
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My shihpoo is throwing up after every meal?

Hello, I have a 2 year old shih poo and for the past 2 months she's been having a hard time keeping her food down. I give her Beneful and she throws…

ASKED BY Member 1233348 2 weeks ago
TAGGED dryfood, wetfood, homemade, dog, puppy IN Pet Food

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Dog agitated and always looking for food and with a bad cough?

Hi, so: the dog I'm living with (named Audrey, not of race and about 7/8 years old, taken from a kennel three years ago) is always looking for food…

ASKED BY Member 1233319 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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Hi everybody. I have a question I really hope someone would like to help me with. I live in Denmark, and two months ago?

Don't know if you have it over there, but when we got her, she ate Royal Kanin, then we tried slowly to change it over to Pedigree bacause she refused…

ASKED BY Member 1232558 3 weeks, 5 days ago
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What food is the best for puppies?

Goodmorning, I'm going to acquire a puppy tomorrow and I want to ask you guys, what is the most nutritious dog food brand(dry and in can). There…

ASKED BY Member 1231151 on 8/17/14
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Hi, i have a 1 year old male Siberian husky that has epilepsy. I have noticed he has gotten very thin and he rarely eats?

Since he has epilepsy after his seizures its normal for him to loose he apetite as the vet has told us. We have tried giving him tuna, mackerel…

ASKED BY Alaksa on 8/12/14
TAGGED food, siberianhusky, epilepsy IN Other Health & Wellness


Hungry Dog?

Hungry Dog? (Mom helped me write cus my spelling is real bad!) My Golden Retriever pup is 8 months old, he gets fed the suggested amount of…

ASKED BY Koljander on 7/23/14
TAGGED hungry, stealingfood, puppy IN Food & Nutrition

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Help? Andy Hayes Oregon, How to Protect Dog from Contaminated Food?

Hi, this is Andy Hayes Oregon, i love dogs and I've one, now I've been told by one of my friend that it can be a serious problem occur to if you…

ASKED BY Member 1230049 on 7/23/14
TAGGED food, tainted, dog, pet IN Allergies

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