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Deadly fights between 3 yr old German shepherd brothers since their father died. Any solutions?

I used to own 6 pure german shepherds 3 males and 3 females the males were the father and 2 sons and females were the mother and 2 doughters with…

ASKED BY Member 1212185 on 2/20/14
TAGGED deadly, fights, pack, leadership IN Other Behavior & Training

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My male English Bulldog and my girlfriends male American Bulldog/boxer mix aren't getting along. Please help?

I recently brought home my 4 year old English Bulldog from my parents house, they were taking care of him while I was studying abroad. My girlfriend…

ASKED BY Member 1178685 on 7/5/13
TAGGED bulldog, males, fights, aggression, toys, food, territory IN Aggression

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My dog just picks fights with my other dog?

Have two males both nuetered. They get alone great for a while then all of a sudden they fight all the time one of them is the aggresser.could he be…

ASKED BY Member 1125282 on 8/12/12
TAGGED plays, getsmad, fights IN Aggression

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My year old shelter rescue, fought another dog while at doggy day care, can she still play with other dogs?

The daycare worker said she was playing well with another dog, when the worker looked away the fight started - We do obedience training, and she has…

ASKED BY Member 1124955 on 8/9/12
TAGGED doggydaycare, fights IN Behavior & Training

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2 of my dogs have hated each other since the day they met,how do i make them become friends? (Both Male,Bad History)?

I have 3 dogs : 8 month Pit-bull Mix,8month Chow-Chow and a 1 month Terrier ALL MALE. The story begins like this: One day we get a 4 month old…

ASKED BY Member 1032324 on 4/29/11
TAGGED anger, fights, notobediant IN Aggression


We argue too much? What can be done so we get along better? Am I doing something wrong?

We fight over toys mostly. And mostly when mom comes home from work. We seem to be calmer when just dad is home. What's our deal?

ASKED BY Luna on 5/15/10
TAGGED sibblingfights IN Socialization

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