I have a 1 year old male Blue Heeler and he is very reactive on just about everything?

His name is Murphy and we've been struggling with his reactivity/on-leash aggression for months now. I initially had a trainer, and we were making…

ASKED BY Murphy on 12/5/13
TAGGED reactivity, training, onleashaggression, blueheeler, socialization, fearful, anxious IN Behavior & Training


My dog was attacked by another dog, what should I do to prevent her from becoming fearful of other dogs?

Today my German Pointer x mastiff mix Violet was attacked by a German Shepherd on our daily walk. Both dogs were leashed but unfortunately he ripped…

ASKED BY Violet on 8/20/13
TAGGED dogattack, attack, fear, fearful, bite IN Other Behavior & Training

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I cant break my rescue pup of some bad habits! She came from an abusive horder so she needs serious help?

About two years ago my husband and I adopted a rescue pup, she is a schnoodle (I think). She never saw the light of day until she was a year old…

ASKED BY Member 1185141 on 8/11/13
TAGGED housesoiling, rescuedog, abused, pottytraining, timid, fearful, regression IN House Soiling

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5 month puppy, timid in public and when visiting, refuses treats, startles easily in these situations?

My 5 1/2 month old puppy is smart, playful and happy at home, but when I take him visiting or to the pet store he freezes up, gets VERY timid and…

ASKED BY Member 1158108 on 3/5/13
TAGGED timid, shy, scared, fearful, jumpy, afraid IN Socialization

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I adopted a min dachshund. His vet and I think he was beaten by an older couple. He is afraid of about everything. He h?

He was very afraid of everything even plastic or paper grocery sacks. He is starting to play with some toys but still not much. He didn't know about…

ASKED BY Member 1151479 on 1/23/13
TAGGED fearfulofpeopleandanimals IN Fears & Phobias


Sudden fear of noises, other dogs, and people?

So after my first trip to the dog park with my female 1yr old blue heeler/ beagle mix she is suddenly afraid of everything what happend was a big…

ASKED BY Mocha on 1/20/13
TAGGED fearfulscaredfrightened IN Fears & Phobias

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I Need Help With A Fearful dog but the situation confuses me?

I have a 5 yr old, 60lb, female black lab. Shes very sweet and loving and well trained. Shes great with people and even other animals such as horses…

ASKED BY Member 1123021 on 7/28/12
TAGGED fearfulofotherdogs, bitesotherdogs IN Socialization

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